Every month I run Challenge Groups... aka. WELLNESS GROUPS ;)
All of this is done through Facebook...
and NOW you even have the option to participate through our FREE app!! WHAT?!

These groups can be joined by ANYONE! 
for real... no limits!
i know how scary it can be to jump into something new...
especially when your making the change for yourself.
you feel like your being selfish, you start to feel guilty...
but deep down you feel that 
"something HAS to change... i can't keep doing what im doing..."
i know because that was me...
it finally took my husband reminding me that, 
and honestly what do you have to lose?!

and THIS is why i do run these groups!
this changed my life, and i know it will change yours! 
I am honored to help you find the tools and support you need to spark that positive change in your own life! YOU CAN TOTALLY DO THIS!!
AND i am here to help!!

I can't begin to stress enough how VITAL these groups are... 
seriously... these groups are the secret to success. 
We ALL need support to make healthy changes!

Each month, 
we set goals, plan, start to build those healthy habits...
we make sure you are set up to make those healthy choices fit into your life.
we encourage and inspire to rebuild confidence, 
rid that nasty negative self talk and re-train your mind to think about your health and nutrition!

Trust me...
I know how busy you are... 
juggling and trying not to forget something important...
and I know you've been neglecting the most important thing...
Well... not anymore!
TOGETHER we will get your self care back into priority mode.
I've partnered up with one of the nation's best and most proven fitness companies to give you effective systems that you can fit into your busy life.
I want to bring you the VERY best! so i will!!

If you are interested in joining my next Challenge Group, 
fill out the form below and...
I will contact you right away to discuss how we can achieve your goals...

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