hey there!
thanks for stopping by.

im Kate.

i am...
a wife to Ryan.
a mama to Eden and Solomon.
a mama to two angels, Noah and Nora.
and expecting another little one come 2017!!

i love the lord with all my heart.

my heart is to inspire.
to encourage. to love.

i love to share our life.
our adventures.
the good, the bad and the ugly!

i love finding joy and life in the little things.
im sentimental. super-emotional. tender-hearted.
i take things to heart.

i have a slight obsession with everything pregnancy/birth/baby related.

music is my heart-beat.
a song can change my day.
i believe it has the power to heal.

i am a stay at home mama. 

i love fall and winter. 
cold weather, hot drinks, 
snuggles under a big blanket...
boots, sweaters, hats... ahhh... take me away.

i really just love people.
again, my desire is to inspire, encourage and love.
to share life.

to have a place where my thoughts and heart can be poured out.
that my littles can come back one day and see...
they are loved. they are precious.
and that they are ridiculously cute!

thanks again for stopping by,
i hope you grab a cuppa and enjoy.
please feel free to connect with me as well,
i love hearing from my readers!


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  1. Hi Kate! Just dropping by to let you know I've nominated your blog for the Liebster Award: http://www.selwaluke.com/blogging-2/selwa-lukes-nominations-for-the-liebster-award. Hope all is well!