its happened. its cut. gone.
so this time last year we had little dude's first hair cut... 

Eden has only had her hair trimmed twice... 
first trim was when she was under a year old and it was in her face all the time.
we stuck to barrettes and hair ties for the last 5 years then...
then over the last year, 
after many baths with hair stuck in her butt, 
and tears when brushing after running outside...
we started talking about cutting it. at least trimming it.
and that was her second trim.

her response was always 
SHOCK, "NO! i want my hair long like rapunzels."

then we started telling her how much easier it would be, 
and less painful, if we cut a little off.
her answer remained the same.

then one day a few weeks ago, 
she was getting a shower and i mentioned how there were other little girls out there who didn't have hair.
her eyes sparked and the why's began.
but why? 

we answered all of her questions. 
"is it just for kids? maybe parents too?"
she then told us to give her a few minutes so she could talk to herself about it.
so we listened as she went over what she thought...
"this would help them. and it IS just hair... it will grow back."
she promptly turned around and said "YES! Let's do it!"

she never ceases to amaze us.
her heart is just so big.
and we wouldn't have it any other way.

so last night we celebrated my 29th birthday!! 
(which is actually today! and the celebration hasn't stopped!)
i knew i wanted to trim my hair later that night after they went to bed, 
which ended with 5 inches gone! 
but i knew that if we didn't cut her hair then... it would be another month!

she was so ready. so excited. the length didn't bother her at all.
she said she knew how happy this would make someone else.
so we set her up in the living room and got to cutting.

i think ryan and i were more emotional about it.
our little miss growing up. in more ways than one.
i actually started crying cutting that pony tail off.
she ended up with a little over 13 inches to donate!

and it was like a whole new girl emerged.
i mean of course she's beautiful and her heart is on her sleeve...
but its almost like her eyes twinkled more.
her smile got bigger.

we ended up going a bit shorter... but it fits her so well!
i kept trying to tell her that it was uneven and mama was trying...

after she had had enough she asked to look in the mirror...
her reaction was wonderful!

"NO! i love it!!! i don't think anyone else has hair like this! 
shorter on this side and longer on this side... oh i just love it!!!"

and little sneak of mr. rocket kunitz. 

so here she is! 
and we send off the hair tomorrow!! 
how lucky am i to be this little miss' mama?!?

and of course a few pics of the cake celebration... a rainbow unicorn cake!!

and seriously... little caleb... oh his first pictures on the blog!! 
don't worry theres more coming! 
3 months old!!! WHAT?!

heres to a wonderful 29th year! 
and to having THE best gifts i could have ever dreamed of!
my little nest!!