we are going to have a BRAND NEW option where you can get a YEAR long subscription of EVERY PROGRAM Beachbody has ever created! 
Including the NEW releases for the entire next year and ALL the current programs too!!! SAY WHAT?!

BOOM!!! There’s that MAGIC!
Unlimited access to every.single.program.ever. 
New one comes out? 
Automatically added to your library with no extra fee. BAM! 
Don’t ever pay for another program!

It's an ALL-ACCESS unlimited pass for a whole year! 
The Amazon Prime of fitness if you will. 
That basically acts like Netflix! ;)

AND... it costs less than most one MONTH gym or yoga all access memberships!!!! 
So… I know.. you want to know... WHAT’S INCLUDED???

+ Nutritional support with a month of Shakeology 
(what i use as my prenatal!!), plus our famous portion containers! 
Also included: an exclusive cooking channel, meal plans, recipes and 1:1 support

+ Access from any device 24/7 including Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Chromecast and Roku 
(as well as the Beachbody On Demand app)

+ You can SHARE this membership with ANYONE who lives in your home, for the price of ONE membership 

(umm… I’m not seeing any gyms do that.)

Access to my private community and invitations to my monthly challenge groups for the ENTIRE YEAR!!! i WANT to see you achieve those goals!

Fitness is a JOURNEY. It doesn’t happen overnight but it has CHANGED my life - as well as my mindset. 

I want you to think… 
How would it change YOU to know you are in this for a year (and ultimately for life!)? 
Would it help you enjoy this JOURNEY? Would it help you give yourself grace?
Would it give you freedom to try new programs - without having to pay extra? 
Think about what kind of FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY would THIS give you? 
I am seriously SOO excited! 
This means from now on if you have this package you can start with a fitness program, if you don't like it, no worries, I'll help you find another with NO additional fees...
there are so many programs to choose from... honestly you can do a different program every month and not run out of programs all year!
I get questions from people all the time about how I manage to find the time and energy to keep going.... 
and the answer is this - 
getting plugged in with people who will hold me accountable and the convenience of having my classes... 
in my own home… 
on my time!!

My nutrition and wellness journey has been a rollercoaster, 
especially while pregnant!! 
but when i made the choice to buy my first Beachbody program...
our whole families life changed!
you best believe i wouldn't be shouting this offer from the rooftops if it wasn't worth it!
these programs, the nutrition plans... 
have not only saved my sanity, its saved my life. legit. 
my accountability groups have brought so much joy into my own life...
i still can't believe the honor it is to walk with others in their own journey!

i no longer feel like im sinking. 
like im just treading water gasping for air... 
its given me hope.
a game plan.
... and honestly... what kind of friend would i be if i didn't share the wealth?!

So, who's in for more info?!?!
Fill out THIS FORM or send me an email at

PS. This is a LIMITED TIME TRIAL OFFER… Don’t wait!!!