we are all familiar with new year resolutions,
new year goals...
but you know what...
if you KNOW you want to accomplish something,
that you NEED to change something in your life...
why wait?

there will always be obstacles to navigate, hurdles to jump...
its called life.
but what if i shared with you something a wise mentor of mine told me...
"life is 10% of what happens to you...
90% of how you react."

you have the ability to change your own life.
you just have to start.
start somewhere.

the starting point... is action.
just doing it. taking that step forward.
committing to that decision.
and then reminding yourself WHY it was so important to you.

i have a list of goals. short term and long term.
its important to know where your headed. what you want in life.
i mean, we only get one life... why wouldn't you want to live it fully??

one of my goals... which is kinda scary [in a good way]
is to recreate this photo in 2017...
to get back into my wedding dress, on the beach.

it is one of our favorite photos.
it was taken almost a year after we got married.

i never had bridal photos done.
a sweet friend was building her portfolio and needed some bridal shots...
how lucky am i?!

back to goals...
i know that im about to give birth.
i know that my first priority will be this new little one,
as well as taking care of this little nest...
but i NEED to have something for me.
to take care of me.

and this goal...
this is the vehicle.
you can make goals and dreams all.day.long.
but its when you start mapping out the...
that is what starts the wheels moving.

i have a few things im excited about...
things that will help propel me to accomplish this goal.
all while being able to care for this nest.
postpartum is such an important time.
a much needed healing journey...
however that doesn't mean that my goals aren't important.
aren't worth the time and energy in making them a priority.

we as mama's always put ourselves on the back burner...
you can't fill from an empty cup...

so 2017...
this mama's cup WILL BE FILLED.
and this picture WILL HAPPEN.

what about you...
do you make goals?
do you need help putting them into action?



  1. This is so good. Boy I haven't even thought a out 2017 yet but need too!