7 weeks.
just 7 weeks and...
so much change.
so much growth.
in more ways than one.

i think as a society there is such a stigma with working out while pregnant.
are you being selfish? are you not just enjoying your pregnancy?
do you really need to workout...

yes. the answer is yes.
however you have to have the understanding that working out...
can look like many different things. 
lifting weights. running. strength training.
yoga. pilates. dancing. outside walks...
or maybe its just taking time to be still.

you have to find what speaks to your heart.
what helps give you strength and endurance. 
what gets you intune with yourself.
also keeping in mind that you need to listen to your body.

pregnancy is such a sacred time.
your growing life.
a true miracle.

i struggled ALOT at the beginning of this pregnancy...
i have talked about it before. 
i wasn't where i wanted to be.
i was at my heaviest... weight wise and mentally.
it was like walking through a pool full of jello. in every way.

and on top of that... was the mama guilt.
the guilt of not really enjoying this little one.
talk about a sludge of vicious cycles that was helping NO ONE.

i spoke with my midwife, my family, my friends.
who all encouraged me to remember to take care of me and little one, FIRST.
i kept telling ryan... i feel like a failure.
like a liar. especially with my business.

how can i run a health and wellness coaching business...
when i FEEL like i do. when i physically can't work out.
that for that time... i just needed to learn HOW to be still.

you know what he told me...
people need to see a different side.
a more raw, and brutally honest side.

so for the first trimester...
it was learning how to BE STILL. RELAX.
im still learning ;) but its such an IMPORTANT part of pregnancy.

so when a few months ago, 
i was cleared and ok to start working out...
this amazing program came out.
well actually there two programs availble. 

there was an active maternity workout, 
with workouts that were specific to each trimester.
and then there was a yoga retreat.

no competition. just focus on... YOU.
the basics.

you guys...
this was it. that transition.
the one where it hurt. but in a good way.
i was finally off the floor. i was stretching.
physically, mentally... and spiritually.

i plan to talk about this over the coming weeks, 
here on the blog, on IG, on Facebook...
because its so dear to my heart.

but in a nutshell...
in just 7 weeks... my life has changed.
im becoming more aware of my body.
more intune with this little one.
more at peace with myself and this crazy life.
and my body is thanking me.

you can see it in my face, 
in my eyes.
in the strength i have in my legs when i walk...
my posture. 
its visible progress.

so for now i leave you with this...
perfection should not be your end goal, 
but progress.
just like pregnancy, 
this life is a journey.
one with ups and downs.
with course corrections.
walk through it with grace, 
patience with yourself...
and remember that every day is worth it.
you are constantly a work in progress.