it still shocks me sometimes that we have another little one on the way.
we will have three littles.
so i guess i can finally say, "im a seasoned mama" ??
i will say that our must-have list of what we want/need for little ones...
has gotten real selective, real fast. ;)

you realize that you don't need much for little ones.
however, there are a few things that make life so much easier in those early months.

i love when i found The Baby Cubby ::@thebabycubby on instagram::
they aren't just "another baby store"... 
i always get a response quickly. 
they have awesome products, researching so you don't have to... 
even though i will never discourage researching for yourself, 
its nice to know that theres a company whose working with and for you ;) 

they truly are a great resource and a community, especially for new parents.
from their amazing customer service and price matching, you know your being taken care of!
i mean just check out their About The Baby Cubby page to get to know WHY they do what they do ;)

so when putting a registry together, 
i wanted to share my top 10 baby must haves...
all of which are available at The Baby Cubby!!
a few are splurges but totally worth it.

so here's the scoop::

how gorgeous is this?! thin and easy to store, not to mention easy clean up... just wipe down and go! perfect for eating out, outside picnics, and of course diaper changes!

one thing i've learned... back packs are SO much easier than over the shoulder diaper bags. i love that there are pockets inside for quick organization. not to mention how sleek this bag is! i mean black and leather... how can you go wrong? a bit of style for this mama unicorn... 
oh you didn't know that im actually a mama unicorn?! ;) just ask the littles

baby wearing. for real. will CHANGE.YOUR.LIFE. I've worn all my littles... and have no plans of stopping. baby carriers are this mama's secret... not so secret... weapon. its like a kangaroo snuggle pouch that gives you TWO free hands... little one is all snuggly and cozied up to mama's chest and that magical sleepy dust arrives... nap time. while this mama can chase after the other littles. also. nursing while wearing... GAME CHANGER!

i know... i already posted a baby carrier... but seriously... its so nice to have a few to choose from. bucked carriers are great for longer trips, mama's with back/shoulder pain (sometimes slings or wraps can be more uncomfortable for those who experience that pain) and for those days when little one just wants to see whats going on a bit better. you can never go wrong with a cozy carrier!

before everyone starts thinking... ITS BLUE!! THEY ARE HAVING A BOY! nope... we are still waiting for this little one to arrive before we find out which way the boy/girl family tally will be! not to mention... you can't go wrong with some navy for this Dallas Cowboys crew! with the viscose/bamboo blend... so so soft! and we LOVE baby clothing that has those sweet hand covers, so affectionately called "flip paws", that protects those cold hands and sharp newborn nails! 

speaking of nails... those little newborn nails are SHARP! and grow super fast. i love that these have a spy hole!!! i can't tell you how many times we got a bit too close with those other nail clippers... this is a definite must have!

so we've learned that not all littles love pacifiers... and that some are super picky. little dude was a picky pacifier boy. it had to be these. and because im getting all sorts of honest here... i LOVE that these come in sizes. we never could use the 0-6 month size because mama has some... um... larger nipples herself. every other pacifier we found that had a bigger nipple had a massive outside holder (what is that thing called anyways?!) that frustrated both little ones and this mama. i also loved how easy these were to clean... i didn't have to worry about icky germs lurking between the nipple and the plastic because this was all one piece!

this is the splurge must have part of the list ;) 

we have made it through two littles without really needing/using a stroller... but with this little one on the way... the idea of a stroller that can contain and help carry those little legs when we can't carry them... A DREAM. to be able to go on family adventures and not hear the whining of "im tired... i can't take one.more.step.mama..." YES PLEASE!

i have heard AMAZING things about BUMBLERIDE. adjustable handles, an adjustable footrest that has the option of an infant mode, single lever recline with air flow, easy fold, lightweight, not to mention the recycled polyester/innovative dye process that CONSERVES WATER, that they are made PVC and phthalate free/no fire retardants/no polyurethane foam/Oeko-Tex certified... i mean... just go check them out for yourself and see why im DREAMING of one of these!! (and maybe a few accessories... like the mini board) BUMBLERIDE STROLLERS

I've seen these for the last few months and fell in love with the simple design. we co-sleep, so we don't really use a crib. with the other two littles... we always just snuggled up together in bed for naps and nursing sessions... little miss would watch her pad/read a book or play quietly at the end of the bed while mama and little dude would rest... this time around with a 5 year old and 3 year old... im not naive to believe that that will be the case! the DOCKATOT is something that helps put my mind at ease to help little dude understand to let little one "stay in the nest". not to mention its light weight and easy to travel with so we don't have to lug a bunch of stuff around when we see family!

another baby product that i have heard amazing things about... at first i was skeptical and was like... little one will be with us, is it really something i should be even looking at... then there were a few points that started coming to mind... this little one will more than likely be taking naps while im homeschooling the bigger littles. to not have to go in constantly and check to see if everything is ok... that would bring this paranoid mama some relief... not to mention... you block out those late night/early morning wake ups "just to make sure baby is breathing". the more i thought about it, and then asked ryan... i spent ALOT of time "just checking" then spending 20-30 min to try and get back to sleep only to be up 5 min later bc it was time to nurse again... while this obviously isn't a "ignore your mama gut/instincts... you don't need to go check on baby" the thought that i could have some reassurance that sometimes "your so sleep deprived and mama-brained out that you misinterpret those mama-gut feelings that are really just anxiety/paranoia..." and that i could get some much needed rest... thats pretty darn encouraging. 

so there you have it! 
The Baby Cubby top 10 baby must haves... 
presented by The Nesting Elm ;)

do yourself a favor and hop on over to The Baby Cubby 
poke around and tell me what you think! what would be on your baby must haves?
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