october is a full month here.
birthdays. lots of family time.
remembering our angels.

for those who might not know,
october is pregnancy and infant awareness month.
1 in 4.
1 in 4 women experience this in their life.
I am one of those women.
I have two pregnancy losses.
Noah Joel would be six this year.
Nora Jane would be turning three.

you can click on their names to know more of their stories.
i wrote about the october 15th wave of light.
how we honor those sweet babes.

i decided that this month would be a very intentional month.
one with slower paces. thoughtful days.
reminders of faithfulness and hope.
self care.

this year, I've worked on letting things go.
"our treasures are not things."
the past few years, these tests brought me comfort.
to be honest they were the only physical reminders i own.
lately, they bring me more sadness than joy.
i haven't decided 100% what i will do just yet.
if i will finally let them go. or if there is something i can do with them...
that won't remind me of such pain.
grief is such a personal thing.
there is no right. no wrong.
it just is.

i hope that over the next few weeks,
that not only myself, but others,
might find healing. peace. friends.
this is not a journey to walk alone.

so today i leave you with maybe a glimmer of hope.
what i once believed would never come...
a full home. growing womb. healthy littles.


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  1. Thank you for sharing. I'm sorry for your losses but I do appreciate your heart and encouragement.