i can almost taste fall...
well it could also be the caramel apple spice i treated myself with this weekend...

its a BIG month for the Schwartz nest!
2nd trimester (WHOOP!), closing on our home, fixing it all up, packing/moving,
and a few new goals and family changes are just the beginning!

so one thing at a time right?!

2nd trimester... oh. my. lawd. yeah! finally feeling back to myself.
still tired but no where near as exhausted, or nauseous... but the lovely part of my pregnancies...
round ligament pain. sciatic nerve pissed off-ness. varicose veins.
and something that most woman don't really talk about... vulvar varicosities.
::side note, working on a post about that loveliness...
lets get all sorts of transparency up in here... no pun intended::

this time around we have a plan of attack. :insert fist pump here:
between a mix of yoga, stretching, kinesiology tape,
a few herbs/holistic tricks, lots of water, compression tights :aka tight yoga pants:
a meal plan the WHOLE family will be partaking in
[thats right, everyone is included! trust me, its actually pretty good]
and a daily dance party, ps. that counts as our workout... how awesome is that?!?
i think that those pregnancy "pains" will be taken care of!

we close on our home THIS WEEK!
then the revamping of the nest begins!
we have started packing the non-daily-essentials.
like books. im a big book reader...
poor Ryan. doesn't stand a chance. one day we will have an in home library.
we will slowly move in... also part of the plan for me to not over-do it!

we also decided on colors for the house!
did i mention were painting...
like everything?!
and ripping up carpets...
we like a challenge ;)

Ryan told me once i got it down to 4 choices he would help me narrow it down...
you guys... this is my process...
well part one.
part two is looking at them in different lighting...
part three... samples on the wall...
its a WHOLE process.
good thing i can laugh at myself!

trust me...
i know im nuts.

we surprised eden with her very own camera.
:one of my old point and shoots:
to help keep her busy, encourage some creativity...
her and solomon have been having "photo shoots" the last two days.
seriously, its one of the the sweetest and most funniest things ever.
imagine a four year old giving posing directions, "tilt your head. no like this. there."
then the two year old pushing out a tense "CHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSEEEE"
i dare you not to giggle.

im DETERMINED to keep you updated.
rain or shine.
this is a fun adventure for us and im excited to share along the way...
you know i will ;)

in the mean time... a few questions:
anyone have any pregnancy compression socks/pants they just love??
any tips for moving with two little ones?
:thankfully its one about a 15 min drive time between the houses:
anyone else want to help keep my accountable to get off my butt and shake it with me?! ;)


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  1. I hated compression socks when I was pregnant :9
    And I just moved with one little one, it was crazy. I give you all of my love.
    <3 <3