yes its happening again!
we are growing our little nest.
totally surprised and so excited to meet this new little one.

we had talked the last few months about another baby.
we've always had the mindset,
whenever we're blessed with another little...
it would be the right time.

:: we did say that if no little was on his/her way by winter...
we would start being more intentional... if you catch my drift ;) ::

this past week i had been really tired,
i just assumed it was the last few months catching up with me.
nursing solomon was getting uncomfortable, but again...
i told myself... im just irritable.
then there was that voice inside saying... maybe? i kept ignoring because...
there was no way right?!

so mothers day evening i randomly took a test...
i let it sit for the 3 min, walked into the bathroom to pick it up.
totally not expecting to see the two lines, i was mid step to the trash when...

yup. there they were!
two lines.
two beautiful lines.
::they are kinda hard to see on an iPhone camera btw::

i sent ryan up the street to grab one of the tests that actually say
"PREGNANT", and give you an idea of how far along you are.
they had none. i did another one of the strip tests... still positive.
we waited until monday when i could run to target,
came home and there it was again. PREGNANT.

we quickly shared the news with our immediate family and here we are!

some might think its too soon to share.
for some it might be.

for us... its time.
this baby is already so very loved.
and honestly,
we just can't keep a secret.

i would be lying if i said i wasn't concerned about miscarrying.
both Eden and Solomon are rainbow babies, which means...
they were our littles born after a loss.
so the added love and prayers are always something welcomed here.

so get ready for lots of photos, updates and mama unloads here on the blog...
and probably on IG... my mini blog ;)

solomons' hand is on the left and eden's is on the right.
eden has been asking for a baby sister...
for a while now.
when we told her that a baby has started growing in mamas' belly,
she started asking all these questions...
:: a different blog post, i promise ::

::their reactions::
eden thinks there are two babies.
a boy that will come out first, then her baby sister...
solomon just keeps saying, "bebe. mama. belley."

little one.
you are so very loved.
welcome to our nest.
here's to you...



  1. This is so sweet!! Congrats! Do you fontinue to nurse while pregnant?... We are hoping for number two soon, and im nursing my little boy now... Just trying to figure out if i should wean or not

    1. hey Cait! so sorry its taken me this long to respond! I nursed Eden when I was pregnant with Solomon until about 6 months. She weaned herself, and with this little one, Solomon is still nursing but only at night and for naps. Its not very long nursing sessions, but just make sure your keeping your nutrition and water up!! :) sending baby dust your way lovely! xoxo