a while back, i shared something that terrified me to say out loud.
that i was struggling with anxiety and depression.
:: you can read the post HERE ::

have i found the magic cure... no.
am i working daily through it... yes.

its been a trial and error experiment over the last few months.
but i can begin to say, im starting to feel better.
the fog is lifting...
now some days are rough, really rough... but i can see the light.

one of the things that has really helped... yoga.
on the days i don't... pure chaos.
on those days, i usually end up doing a few sequences before bed.
it never fails to just bring me back to earth.
away from the overwhelming thoughts.

we recently moved our rooms around in the house.
so now all the littles things are upstairs, including their beds.
while mama and daddy have their own room downstairs.
::although we are still working on the littles staying upstairs at night... no rush::

we moved a lot of things out, and really focused on what to keep in our space.
what brought us joy, happiness...
offered comfort and peace.

we made a space at the end of our bed where mama can do her yoga.
there is a mirror for reflection and just enough space for littles to join in...
as you will see later.
i also use oils to help focus my mind.
release emotions.
and work through those waves.
to help me to learn to flow along.

here's a better view of what mama gets to see...
all the things that bring her the most joy.
her love. her sweet littles.
it might be a bit unconventional to not have just one space separate from it all...
but i like that this is such a welcoming space.
that when i look through the mirror i can see the very spot i birthed solomon.
the place where surrender had to happen.
where it birthed a new light in me.

i usually start with some oil on my feet. 
rubbed on my hands and a few deep inhales.
eyes closed to let the fog disappear. 

i love that little dude is helping mama to breathe.
he's learned to take deep breathes and i swear its his favorite thing to do. 
next to his dino walks. 

childs' pose is where my heart centers into my body.
it never fails that just a few moments into the pose, my shoulders drop.
my breath slows, and my hips relax. 

then the littles second favorite...
downward dog. 
little miss always finds her spot next to mama.
then we flow into cat/cow... 

warrior pose reminds me of the strength that i have.
the grace it takes to stand for yourself.

then our most favorite...
the savasana... the rest. 

then you usually being to hear the tickles of laughter... 

little miss usually will run off to play or grab a crystal, 
while little dude hangs out for a few kisses and some silly stretches...
where little miss returns for the fun.

my heart just writing this post is instantly calmed. 
my shoulders relaxed. 
its amazing what can happen when you take time to reconnect with yourself.
to re-train your mind and body to really breathe.
to learn to flow through life and the currents...
instead of fighting them so fiercely. 

reminds me of the moon. 
she never fails.
her waves are constant and steady... 
while you might have the fog around you, 
you can still find your peace and strength.

there was a time i would have been so irritated that they wouldn't leave me alone.
that i couldn't just do something for myself.
then i realized, its not just about me.
they are learning and watching. 
and honestly, how much is it really hurting me? 
maybe its exactly what i need...
to have that child like view. 
that there is no competition, no expectation to be perfect, 
just to be who He created us to be.

so heres to more days of learning to "go with the flow"
to taking longer, deeper breaths...
to remember to take time to care for ourselves.
with a cup of tea, a bath, a good book... 
or even a little bit of yoga. 
with or without little ones...

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sports bra from C9 at Target

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