i've always loved the moon. it comforts me, reminds me to breathe deeply and just be... 

the last few days have been a major adjustment for our little nest. 

my sister went home this last weekend, so it's just me now. 
to care solely for my mom.
her back is healing nicely and she's learning how important it is to really rest.
however this also leaves much to be done to care for her and her home. 

before i go any further, mom if your reading this... don't you dare give me the look when i come down in a bit that says "I'm so sorry. I'm a burden to you" 
I love you. period. 
you are giving me an opportunity to teach my littles through actions how to care for someone. 
how to see the present need and act. in love. 
not out of responsibility, or default... but purely out of love. 

and also, you have made huge strides in your recovery thus far.
full showers, making snacks, and letting your pups out... 
those are things to be proud of!!

to be honest, my body aches. my mind races of all the things I need to get done between both our nest and hers. 

some plates I'm spinning fall... and I'm learning that it's ok. 
I'm so grateful that she lives just downstairs. 
::we live in a house converted into two apartments:: 
and there is no way i could do this without the support of my husband. 
he comes home from a manual labor job and swoops our littles up to bath, dinner and bed while i am downstairs with mom. 
we will find our groove... this I'm sure.

last night, while walking outside from my moms door to ours I took a moment to look up. 
and the most beautiful moon I've seen in a long time was staring right at me. 

this picture does it no justice. 
there was a calming wave of fog, and the moon was so close you could see its grooves and curves... 
the air was cool but almost like a blanket. 
those 5 minutes did wonders for my soul. 
i took a few deep breaths... 
just standing in awe.  
allowing my cup to be filled.

I do believe more moments like this are what will recharge and refuel this mama... 

in this season, I really am beginning to learn the importance of listening to myself. 

what is my body saying it needs. 
what is that voice inside telling me to do. 
what do I need... it might seem selfish but it's necessary. 
to refill and sustain that cup. 
will there be times it might run low, yes. 
but the difference will be, I really do know that it's just for a season. 
a growing season. 
much like spring. 

the older I get the more in-tune i become. with myself. my surroundings. 

the parallels to seasons and currents underlining... 
it's overwhelming, scary, exciting and also comforting. 
how fitting that it's...

just like the moon. 



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  1. 😘😘😘💜💜💜 raw and poignant....beautiful you