i recently signed up at  Influenster  to see what the hype was all about...
and i am so impressed. i've got a few things to share with you all, but up first is

now. truth be told... im not a lipstick fan. like i only own one tube and its a deep orange-red, for days where i need a pick me up and get all fancy while watching the littles at home. im super picky about ingredients, smell, feel... and most lipsticks just don't smell right to me. except these. for real. citrus-y light smell. so perfect. ryan is also not a huge lipstick lover... says it gets in the way of an impromptu make-out session ;)

a bit about BITE:: 
"handcrafted one at a time to provide nourishing, restorative benefits. These lipsticks contain natural and organic ingredients--moisturizers and protective antioxidants like resveratrol, organic fruit butters, and Manuka honey. The end result? Edgy, edible innovation for lips" 

i might or might not have tried the edible part... "fresh pressed grapefruit, lemon, lime, tangelo, mint and mandarin extracts provide a uniquely refreshing flavor that is unmistakably Amuse Bouche"... how could i not take a taste ;) 

and resveratrol... gals... that stuff is amazeballs... like its the awesome secret for anti-aging/antioxidant love potion... "the equivalent of 5 glasses of wine" that "provides long lasting benefits long after application." sign me up!

when i opened the box, i was a bit intimated by the bright colors... 
contrary to my current pink hair, im not a huge color gal. 
give me neutrals all day.every day. 
they were not lying when they said "handcrafted for highest pigmentation". 
look at those bold dimensional shades!

lets break down the colors...

BEETROOT :: bold berry

i found it to be THE perfect berry. classy. elegant. fun. for real. most berry lipsticks i have tried are too pink or too red.. this was just perfection!

now on to GAZPACHI :: true blue-red
again... totally amazed at the color.
its that FIRE ENGINE RED, spice it up... the perfect pucker. red apple sexy. 
this is totally my go-to for a girls night out!

and my personal favorite:: 
PEPPER :: dusty rose
a lovely pink nude. for real. i could wear this everyday. its smooth and just the right tint for me... 

i mean... it totally matches my hair too ;) its a sign

i mean come ON... 
those shades. that moisture... 
keep in mind, its still winter here and my lips are chapped all the time.
this stuff... soo nourishing and soft. 
im pretty sure... im a lip stick lover now... :)

this lovely amuse bouche line is made in Canada, certified gluten free, free of petrochemicals, no parabens, sulfates, and phthalates... something i can really FEEL good about using. not to mention, i can let the littles use it!!

this video shows some of their amazing shades and how they make it... their IG is GORGEOUS!  @bitebeauty
both eden and solomon loved watching and helping mama pick out some colors...
i might already have a few on my list for my birthday and mothers day! ;)

gin fizz, sake, persimmon, liquorice... the lip/line primer...

do yourself a favor and see what all the hype is about when it comes to these babies! you won't be sorry. 
now, tell me what your favorite color is.. what do you want on your new wishlist?! 


to please the powers at be ::DISCLAIMER::
i received these products complimentary for testing purposes on behalf of Influenster and BITE BEAUTY. All opinions are my own. 

if you would like to become a member of influenster and receive products for testing, CLICK HERE LOVES!