it's been a balancing act lately. what plate is my priority today? what are the things that can be laid down? what parts of this journey do i share... my tendency is to "over-share". i hate that word... why can't it be just simply "sharing". opening your heart, without fear of judgement.

last month, in a moment of overwhelming anxiety and my spew of trying to explain the elephant sitting on my chest, ryan said this...

Your job is to love them,
Not please them.

and in that next moment my body tingled and my spirit felt refreshed. it was the truth-bomb i needed. it's not our job to please others. coming from one of the biggest people pleasers, i know the struggle of not wanting to disappoint. not wanting to let anyone down. not being enough. to the point of self-destruction.

it's our job to love. period.
we have no control over how anyone else acts, responds, or takes what we do or say.
if I don't have love. I have nothing.
so why not just love unapologetically?

i'm in the journey of learning to love myself.
along with forgiveness. grace. mercy. 

depression steals. your thoughts. your joy. your soul. it's like a leak under the sink.
that you don't find until the bill comes
::someone points it out::
or the flowing water pouring out the cabinet
::your body explodes and you are forced to make a choice... continue or change::
most of the time we believe the lies, it's not that bad. we compare our journey to someone else's, ours isn't THAT bad. i can fix it myself. by myself...
we believe the lie... we are alone.

we might see the tribe. the village.
we might even be a part of it.
but we sit in silence and let our silent battle rage.

i have this idea.
it's scary.
but i see the need and it's time.

twinkle and shine.
sparking the flame.
learning to love.
love yourself.
take care of yourself.
filling your cup.

my fear is that this comes across as selfish. that our focus should be on others. but if we aren't taking care of ourselves, we not only slowly hurt ourselves, but we are robbing others of the light we have inside.

like a flame. we were created to burn bright.
to let our light shine.

so over the next few months, im jumping into the self-care, self-love, self-healing and restoring journey. baby steps. from the inside out. this depression and anxiety are no longer my label. while i work towards a healthier me, i want to reach out to you. i want to offer a "nest" of support. each month, a self care challenge. a journey together to sparking our light. whether you struggle with depression, anxiety... too many plates spinning... forgetting to refill your own cup... or you just desire a friend to push you and remind you the light that you are... this is for you.

and the best part... it's free.
all you need::
Facebook. an open heart.

each month a new challenge.
February... is simple.

message me and ill add you in.
it will all be explained... i promise!

i want a group of women, who are inspired and uplifted in this journey to light. to work together to bringing back the self-care. to encouraging one another to make sure our cups are filled. to help each other twinkle and shine. and when you need a push, a sounding board, a support system... You have it.

so who else is ready to spark their light?
to start loving themselves?