where is she going with this?
hang on, I promise it will make sense.

i have always been "intune" with nature.
i find its beauty mesmerizing, intriguing.
taking hundreds of photos of rocks, trees, and water while in my teens.
ask my family... it drove them crazy.

i believe that God gave us everything we needed on this earth.
that food, herbs, plants...
they all have the ability to help us heal. grow. live fully.

we use essential oils in this home,
but when it comes to bath time and eating,
I've been really diligent on using the actual plant/herb.

I've also been asking God to show me what my body needs.
how do i feel when i touch a certain plant?
how do i respond when around water, mountains, and trees?
what is my body craving?

the last month has been a renewing of my mind.
getting rid of the negative mindset.
the negative things, people, and attitudes in our lives... 
thoughtfully prayed for and some things removed.

i've been dreaming big. really really big.
ryan and i have had some pretty interesting talks.
and im excited. scared. but extremely hopeful and intentional.

back to eucalyptus...
I've always been drawn to eucalyptus.
even when i was a young girl... koalas.
who does like koalas?!
but even more so, the beautiful plant that they eat.
how it was poison to other animals, but was sustaining them...

lately... i've been diffusing it.
in part to the littles stuffy noses,
but also because it helps me refocus.
when i use oils, i pray before i use them.
i meditate on the purpose.
to be intentional in its use.

so when we were at trader joes last week,
i grabbed two bouquets of eucalyptus.
one i hung in our shower, for bath time.
the other in a jar in the living room, because i just "felt" something.
it calmed me. made me happy.

today, my heart is grieving.
a sweet friend went to be with Jesus this morning.
her story is so incredibly beautiful, raw and inspiring.
please keep her husband and baby girl, along with their families and friend
covered in prayer, especially over the next few months...

while trying to process it all today,
i kept seeing the eucalyptus.
we normally keep the shower curtain closed,
but everytime i came into the bathroom it was opened.
when i got onto instagram,
there were a few friends who had photos of...
i looked at our bathroom wall.
the only decor we have on the wall.
that i didn't realize, until now...
eucalyptus branches...

my heart and mind began to wonder.
so i went to google.
started researching eucalyptus...

Balance emotions; explore your dreams.
Eucalyptus fragrance is very soothing to highly charged emotional states.
Eucalyptus alerts us to the importance of our dreams. It can awaken the individual to full consciousness while in the dream state (lucid dreaming). It clarifies dreams and balances emotions. These dreams help to bring out healing energies and an understanding of the causes of various illnesses and imbalances within our life.

koala totems are usually a signal to slow down and detoxify our life. They hold the promise of relief.

Eucalyptus, also known as blue gum tree and stringy bark tree, is associated with the power of the Moon and the element Water. Eucalyptus is used for protection, purification and health.

It is said to have the effect of opening the chest and invigorating the soul.

i don't believe in coincidence.
i believe in purpose. a meaning for everything.
nothing is "by chance".
i believe that my spirit, body, mind and heart knew...
and God was revealing to me...
He has given me all i ever needed.
all i need is ask.
even when i don't know "exactly" what to ask for, He knows.

the comfort brought by that just a few hours ago...
incredible. humbling.
so much so that i just HAD to write it all out and share.

i know that there are those of you today,
who are going through a hard time. a difficult struggle.
who are looking for answers, but don't know where to turn.
i encourage you to be still. to say outloud, "show me. help me"
i promise He will answer. it might not be the answer we want,
but He will answer.

you just need to ask.

xoxo, kate