how fitting that this week im sharing my favorite must haves for breastfeeding!
i have now breastfed for almost 4 years straight...
just three months shy... but we're still going.

with two very different little nurslings, 
this mama has had her share of everything boobies!
with little dude, 
my supply has been much less than it was with Eden...
where i was basically a walking fountain of milk. 

this time around i have been blessed with a very even supply.
i still leak, but no where near as bad.
i have realized through that this time... i have MADE time to re-charge mama.
with eden, i struggled a lot with taking time for me. 
add in another little... holy cow!
then i started realizing my supply was getting smaller...

i upped my water intake, 
tried to baby wear a little more...
this little dude is not the cuddly/snuggles that his sister was...
but we've found our groove.

i have always been a cuppa gal.
give me tea. coffee... always in a cozy mug.
i love the herbal, earthy quality to really good tea. 
and i finally found a tea that i can enjoy, WHILE helping the milk supply!
enter in... Mrs.Patel's

seriously mamas...
this is where its at.
you can feel the love they put behind their products too!
which is always a HUGE plus in my book! ;)

im able to recharge and refocus this busy life of raising littles.
taking time for mama... so important.
even if its just a cuppa.

i also loved their MUNCH CRUNCH..
its like the perfect bite on your yogurt and fruit.
or just plain ol' off the spoon!
talk about a yummy way to get in some goodness for that digestive system ;)

i know you want to lick the screen right?

well... wouldn't you know that...
one of you sweet mamas can win a FREE BAG of your own Milk Water Tea!!!
just fill out the rafflecopter to get your entries in ;)

whoo-hoo right?! 

i love you mamas so much and i hope that this week you are encouraged.
that you find your tribe of support.
breastfeeding is a beautiful thing... 
that said it can be a struggle. for a long time i suffered in the silence of my room.
and then i reached out on IG, Facebook and here on the blog...
i found i wasn't alone.
there are a few hashtags you can use to connect with other mamas...
#worldbreastfeedingweek #normalizenursing #powertotheboobies
#sakurabloombreastfeedingcircle are just a few that im sure you will find support.

i also wanted to give a shout out to Sakura Bloom and Kindred Wrap. ;)
these are our most loved carriers over here right now...
gets this mama through a lot of rough days... and sweet cuddles.
color ways are : 
sakura bloom flax luxe


  1. We are just getting started on this breastfeeding journey, but so far my must have items are tank tops from Target or Old Navy. Super easy to layer and simply pull down!

  2. My biggest must-have that allowed me to reach 14+ months (& still going tho not as much/often): water! I had a tracker on my phone that would remind me to drink at least a gallon of water each day.

  3. My biggest must have is my breastfeeding has helped me tremendously!!!

  4. My biggest must-have that has helped me breastfeed my 3 littles is medela breast pump which I got through WIC. I breastfed my older two kids for 13months and my last and youngest is going strong on 2months. If it wasn't for WIC providing me with a Medela breast pump I wouldn't have been able to breastfeed for as long as I could. - @mrs.hardin instagram

  5. Exclusively breastfeeding my second baby girl, much easier this time around due to thrush and mastitis with my oldest. My breast feeding must haves WATER, and my SPECTRA S2! Love it! Unfortunately supply has decreased tremendously and nothing I do seems to help:( but I'm not giving up so my last breastfeeding must have is perseverance! Thanks to many lovely ig pages support and confidence boosters yall are amazing! Having to post as anonymous bc I can't figure this thing out lol. chelsea forcey

  6. My must have is my comfy rocking chair. Who wants to nurse when they are uncomfortable?

  7. My must have are nursing bras/tanks! Life is so much easier with them!!