i am blown away by the support and encouragement you all have sent in the last 24 hours!

this transformation thus far has been so amazing.

im beyond thrilled to have so many of you be a part of the
[ check out my last post for more info on the project ;) ]

so before i started "THE CHANGE"
[my fitness journey]
we took some photos of just our little nest.
oh how hubs loves when i grab the camera and say,
"lets go"
[i can already FEEL the eye rolls...
in his defense, he just wants them printed and hung up!]

i had this sling that i loved and adored,
it was actually THE sling that got me introduced into baby wearing.
the sweet mama who had it,
oh a sweet friend who also gets my sentimental spirit!
well i bought it from her,
and then rarely used it bc it just wasn't a color i reach for.
worked out, because she missed it!! so back home it went!

for those of you who feel like you've walked into the twilight zone,
and have NO clue what im talking about...
its like a club. a crazy baby-wearing fun loving sentimental mamas, and dads ;)
where we talk carriers and new carries, swap and borrow, sell and trade...
its a whole different world...
there really should be a reality show about us
or so my mom thinks. ;)

ryan snapped these photos of us before i started my fitness journey.
and im in shock.
do i think i look ugly or disgusting...
but i can see the struggle in my eyes.
the internal conflict going on...

but i also see...
where i let it go and just enjoy my littles.
my husband.
the schwartz nest.

im so grateful for these photos.
reminders of the excitement eden had finding tiny red spiders in the leaves.

solomon hearing the docks rock in the waves.
the peace i find just standing and breathing in fresh air.
restores my heart.

this is what its like getting a family photo...
im sure you all can relate.

here we go!

ryan has since shaved the beard, he's learning the beard maintenance now. ;)

i want to encourage you...
take pictures.
no matter how you feel.
embrace your body.
learn to love your body.

i realized that i have very few photos of my whole self.
because i was uncomfortable.
but then i realized something...
only I was uncomfortable.
my littles... they saw mama. having fun.
my husband... he saw his wife. his love.
mama to his littles. doing her mama thing.
why should you fade in the background...
you are beautiful!!
start telling yourself that.
start to restore YOUR heart.