we have been beyond blessed with friends.
recently i found a sweet friend who I know God made just for me.
this mama just gets me and we clicked instantly!
IG [instagram] for the win!
we had been following eachother for a while then we decided to meet up...
it was so wonderful. 
our littles together...
just so sweet.
reminds me so much of when family gets together
and the littles just form their own nest of play.

she shared with me these awesome ReSqueeze pouches! 
eden and solomon loved them! 
i love how easy they are to clean and use.
eden askes for her smoothies in them now.
stay tuned for a way to win your own set!!! ;)

a few weeks ago we took a trip over to see their new additions...
i have always wanted chickens for our house but it's never worked out...
and now the itch for our own chicks is really scratching!!
[[ha. you know you just giggled a bit!]]

i snapped so many pictures and i just have to share.
oh these chicks and littles...

now for the fun part::
Resqueeze has generously partnered with us to offer you a chance
to get YOUR OWN 4-pack to try! 
how awesome is that?
what do you have to do...
head over to my instagram for all the details!
[[a like. a follow. a tag.]]

one day we will have chicks of our own.
one day. ;)