so solomon gave us a bit of a scare this holiday weekend.
my mom, sister, me and the littles took a trip to KY.
to visit great-big-Pappap.
lots of emotions there.
well on the way home on Monday,
solomon puked at 10:30 at one of our stops.
at first i thought, it's just something he ate. 
fast forward to around 5:30/6:00.
we stopped to get out of the car and I was able to really look at solomon. 
[[my mom was in the back with the littles]]
he had been puking 2-3 times an hour. 
it hit me he hadn't had a diaper since that morning. 
he was really lethargic and just not himself...
all i could focus on was getting him home and comfortable and then assessing where we were at.

we got back in the car about an hour from the house. 
i called Ryan to give him a heads up that little dude wasn't feeling so great and to pray.

a few minutes later my mom checked his pulse...
[[for those who don't know my mom is a nurse]]
it wasn't what we wanted. 
i called Ryan back and said to meet us at children's. 

the fear in my heart was overwhelming. 
when i picked him up out of the car seat,
his weak little body just melted into my arms.
we got checked in and began to wait.
ryan walked in and his first observation
"wow. he's really pale. like white."

all of us girls looked at eachother like...
yes confirmation we made the right choice.

while we waited we told eden she should probably wear a mask to keep the germs out...
she so innocently said "I can do it"
and put her hands over her nose and face to "keep all the germs away"  
it was the sweetest thing. 

she kept telling solomon 
"its ok bud."
she eventually put on a mask and refused to take it off until she got home.

we waited for a while before being called back and then it was almost two hours before the dr came back.
being that it was a holiday weekend I kinda understand.

it was getting late, no one had eaten so my mom and sister took eden home while daddy and I stayed with solomon.
I'm beyond grateful that we have family close. 
that they will drop everything for our littles.

poor little dude was hungry but would eat and immediately throw up.
we asked if i could try and nurse him [[we were told not to feed/nurse give him anything until the doctor came in...]]

he seemed to be feeling a bit better... 
you know littles. you walk into the Drs and they are miraculously healed.


he threw up as soon as he sat up. 
it was so awful. 
they ordered some meds and within minutes we were beginning to see our little dude perk up. 

we started with sips of "apple-water"
ryans term to mamas apple juice
[[recipe:: 1part apple juice to 3parts water ]]

little dude wanted it all! 
when he was in my lap drinking,
i felt his diaper get warm and i legit lost it.
tears of joy and relief were streaming down my face.

he also promptly made the most fowl smelling poo ever...
ryan and i were stumped whether to be proud or utterly grossed out. 
and yes i took photos of it. ;)

the resident came back in and let us know that all looked good and we would be discharged soon.

well again, almost 2 hours later until we were walking out of the hospital. 
but that didn't stop little dude from flirting with the nurses and showing off how much better he felt :) 

I am so glad little dude is back to himself.
our little determined, always going ball of fire. 
keeps us on our toes this one. ;)