once again, the blog had a break!
but im so excited to share some amazing things I've been working on lately!

i wanted to really take my time and find what the purpose of this space was.
to connect.
to record.
to engage.

to connect::
the little [and growing] community here is a cherished one.
the friendships and relationships made, make my heart smile.
connection with each other is so important to me.
i want this place to be a safe zone.
an encouraging, inspiring space.
a trusting open friendship,
because we all know... i love you all so very much!

to record::
we live in a time where our journals are social media.
[yes i have my own private journal, but here serves as the family one]
i want to be able to have this space available for my littles.
to one day print out and have the good, the hard, and the messy...
all of it.
to see the growth in their mama, myself.
how our little nest expands and changes.
priceless memories.

to engage::
i want this space to be a sounding board.
to reach beyond the screen.
for the friendships to grow.
for you all to make connections with each other.
to share mama's stories.
to share all the little things.
products, tips, tricks, and the secrets that make life...
easy, better, amazing...
well you know what i mean ;)
i want to introduce you to some amazing companies [most are mama run]
and support each other through the seasons of mamahood.

at the end of the day,
family always comes first.
but this space here...
i've missed.
it gave me an outlet.
it helped me to focus on what really mattered.
to be able to share my journey...
because when asked "why do i share such personal things online"
my answer, and ryan's, has always been and will always be,
"if we can reach, encourage, help, or just make one person smile,
just through sharing our life and experiences... its all worth it."
to be honest,
i got caught up with what a few said of me.
people i have never met,
who threw knives, as words.
who made me question this space.
who made me question my worth.
and that should NEVER happen.

why is it so hard to extend the grace and truth to ourselves?
if i had a friend, heck if i had a stranger tell me they were questioning who they were, their worth...
what their purpose was...
based on something said by someone they never met or interacted with...
i would tell them,
ignore them. you are beautiful and a light.

so im taking my own advice,
i am a light.
heck my name means light!
[actually it means PURE LIGHT]

so here i am...
ready to share, connect, dream, and inspire.
i love you all!

please stick with me while im working on a few more blog tweeks!
and ill leave you with this...
a little weekend catch up....

YUP. i turned 27!!
so mama is having snuggles and re-couping from this weekend!!