shop small saturday.

if your not familiar with this term,
ill let you in on the secret...
shop small saturday is a day to really get out there and support local/small shops!
most of the social media friends i have,
have small businesses.
this is how they support their families,
how most are able to stay at home.
and what a better way to help your friends that you don't live close to!!
support their businesses, designs, and dreams!
i had the opportunity to get to know Natasha at WILD THINGS DESIGNS...

i met Natasha though IG.
she makes these darling flower crowns, 
and come on...
they are just so stinkin' gorgeous!

she was sweet enough to send Eden one.
you guys.. with the holidays coming up, 
every little needs a flower crown!

and a plus... 
they are fully adjustable!
so if mama wanted to wear it... 
she can! 

Natasha is married to her high school love.
they just celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary, 
and after walking through six years infertility, 
they welcomed their baby girl Presley in 2013!
Presley wore her first creation for her one year photo shoot,
an adorable flower crown.
After a few inquiries of where she bought it, she decided to open up shop!

Natasha has just opened her etsy WILD THINGS DESIGNS shop!!
her personal IG 
@wildthingdesigns has more photos of her crowns and other creations!
i love that she's working on some tee-shirt designs too!
(her favorite designs at the moment)

with shop small saturday today, 
i wanted to encourage you to reach out and support local/small shops.
how lovely is it to know where and who made the things you buy?!
i can always feel the love and hard work put into these creations/designs!

and seriously...
what little wouldnt want one of these in their stocking??