we now have a THREE year old!

almost two weeks ago
we celebrated Eden's birthday, just the four of us.
it was all about her.

ryan and i got to go pick out some things we knew she would love...
pony balloons,
minon and pony tattoos,
a few gifts,
and of course the one thing she told us she wanted...
a green t-rex that roars.
yes. her words exactly when asked what she wanted.

she also had a few more requests:
purple sparkle cake
pink baby sling
party sparkle dress
sparkle crown
one candle with a three
pink cupcakes

and what i thought was sweet when asked if she wanted anyone over...

"i want to have cake with my neighbors.
in the dark."

not too bad for a three year old!

birthdays can get crazy out of control,
so ryan and i decided that we want to make the day all about her.
she gets to pick everything we do (within reason of course)
and presents opened first thing...
so she can play throughout the day.
it also doesn't help that ryan and i are TERRIBLE at keeping secrets...
we get WAY to excited about what her reaction will be.

and it was perfect!
she was sooo excited.
she didn't know what to do!
just kept looking around the living room screaming.
it was awesome!

one of the traditions we started this year...
making her own birthday cake!
she loves cooking in the kitchen, 
and when she knew she was making HER cake...
boy, oh boy she was thrilled!

we invited a few of our neighbors,
only one could make it,
friday night at 7pm is a busy time you know.
mimi came as well...
(she loves her mimi so much!)

we lit her candles and sang her happy birthday.
she was on cloud 9!

she said she loves three now.
oh sweet girl,
three fits you well.
we love you so much little one.