this mamahood journey...
i talk about it all.the.time.

now, i went to a conference a while ago...
it was a homeschooling conference,
but it turned more into a sisterhood/mamahood unite.

there is stirring i have felt for a while now.
where there is a need for sisterhood.
no judgement, no harsh words.
support, love, encouragement.

this road is hard enough,
why are we making it harder on other mama's?
why are we tearing eachother down?
so smack-smack-smackity-smack...
lets get it together!

some may argue that "internet friends" don't count.
but im here to tell you,
they do.
oh boy, they sure do!

i honestly don't know how i would have survived the first year of mama-hood.
other than for "my village"
my "social media, instagram, media apps, facebook, blogger,
friends and family who live far far away" village.
things look a lot differently than they did 20 years ago.
our families are spread over the country,
very rare is it to be in the same house for more than 5 years.
and forget having neighbors that are in the same part of their journey.
looking back over the last eight years of our marriage,
we have NEVER had neighbors were in the same season of life as we were.
and thats ok.

when eden was a few months old we moved across the country.
away from most of our family (although the closest family we had was 5 hours away)
we moved in with my mom for year.
but in the wee hours of the morning, when nursing eden,
i found my tribe. my village.
my support and love.

that village has grown over the last three years,
some have moved on and i have some new members of my village.
and i can't begin to describe what these women mean to me.

i could go on and on about the wonderful community i have.
the prayers, texts, calls, surprise gifts and endless support,
but i have a feeling you already know.

i have had the wonderful opportunity to meet some of these mama's in real life.
and i have been pleasantly surprised!
there is always a fear that maybe they aren't who i really think they are,
or maybe im not who they think i am...
but BAM. nope. just an instant connection.
and that i am forever grateful!

i have also been blessed with friends locally.
friends who love my littles like their own.
who stop by and check in on us.
who know that even though we might not see/talk in a few months...
im there for them and they are there for me.
thats so comforting.
so encouraging.

i know i have been rambling,
but thats whats been on my heart.
that we need a village.
everyone does.
and it might not look like the image of village you have in your head.
mine took me by surprise.
and such a wonderful surprise.

to all you mamas, friends,
local and on-line...
i love you .
love you love you love you.
thank you.

thank you for being my village!

now... my sweet "social-media" village has these sweet mamas,
Amy and Krystal,
and they have started a quarterly parenting publication called...
"the Village Magazine" (@TheVillageMagazine on IG)
a place for women to find their own village.
to connect. a tangible community.
seriously, do yourself a favor and check out this new venture!
and maybe take a look at your village...
thank some of those members of your village,
let them know how wonderful they are.

a some littles spam for you!