**this was a while ago, but i finally got around to transferring photos from the camera!**

eden adores animals.
just talk to the ba-zillion that live upstairs.
she knows every single one,
asks for them by name...
heaven forbid one ever lives somewhere else ;)

so living in-between two Living Treasures Parks is amazing!

its not a huge park, but big enough we can spend a few hours.
some of ryan's days off fall on my mom's days off,
so we make a day of it and go feed the animals.

what was really cool was one of the times when we went,
there was a four day old baby monkey.

it was so sweet to see the little one curled up in mama's arms.
what was even more amazing,
once baby started nursing, eden immediately picked up on baby nursing,
"like solly mama!"

solomon loved the goats!
it was so funny to hear his giggles and laughs when they would speak.
the bears were fun too.
the one bear would snort up the feeding tube to knock lose stuck food.
it was hilarious to see eden's reactions!

i love how eden wants to take care of them all.
"they need some 'dood'" (edenese for food)
"awww... hes so tute!!!"
"look daddy!!! look!!"

now that fall is here with cooler temps,
our trips are limited but we will definitely have to make one last stop before winter!

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  1. This looks like so much fun! Logan would adore something like this :)