anyone else have tons of photos that are just sitting in your computer/phone?
i have thousands!
it drives ryan bonkers that none are printed out!

and instagram photos...
so hard to find a good printing service that doesn't chop off the image,
hack the captions, doesn't fall apart.

enter in...

i was so excited to see that their books are just $6!
shipped for FREE!
you read that right...
thats 60 photos for $6 in a cute little book
shipped straight to your door!
and guess what...
they will automatically prepare and send the next book to you when its full!

its like an awesome subscription.
you post your photos,
it automatically updates your chatbooks.
captions and all!
if you dont want a photo in your book,
open the app and deselect it!
when you reach 60 photos... BOOK TIME!
easy peasy!

i downloaded the app,
went through all my photos,
and made a book series titled
"littles favorite instagram"

after much deliberating over favorite photos...
i ended up with
16 little books.
i was caught up from october 2011 to august 2014!
i was honestly not expecting wonderful amazing quality.
i mean for $6, i thought they might be thin paper books...
but nope!
when they arrived on my doorstep...i was pleasantly surprised at the quality!
seriously they are amazing!

eden loves them!
we look at how little she was.
how big she's getting.
she likes to pretend to read the captions.
she show's solomon the pictures!
i love it!

ps. how awesome would these be as christmas gifts?!

so i mentioned something about a free book...
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