just when you feel like you can't take on more thing.
it happens.

i feel like we have been clawing our way through the past couple months.
don't get me wrong,
i love my littles. my husband.
wouldn't trade any of this for anything else.

but can we just all agree...
this mamahood gig...
tis' freakin' hard!
sometimes suffocating.

where did i go?
who am i other than mama. wife?

i hate sounding like im complaining, or whiny,
but lets talk some truth here.

when littles are sick.
teething. growing pains.
life turns upside down.
add in a husband who is working so much you rarely see each other.
your daughter cries for him in the mornings,
during the day.

your heart breaks.
all you want to do is scream the same thing.
any of you been there?

yes. see i knew i wasn't alone.
we're in this together mamas.

now any of you try to add on more things to your plate in the midst of it all?
nope. just crazy me?!

im trying to get healthier,
take care of myself.
real whole foods. exercise. sleep. relax.
less phone. computer. more outside.
you know, all the things we should already be doing??

never mind, im averaging less than five hours of interrupted sleep each night.
have a toddler trying to understand the use of the potty.
an infant who just wants mama. only.
can barely remember anything unless its written down.
we might have had $3 frozen pizzas for dinner 4 out of 7 nights this week...

yes. i think its official.
i need an intervention.

so to all the mama's who are in the same boat,
this is for you as much as it is for me::

stop over-analizing everything.
your in survival mode right now.
try not to worry about everyone else in the world.
those photos you see on IG, facebook, blogs...
stop comparing.
this season right now is messy.
you might have an extra 10 pounds (or more)
that you would love to say good-bye to,
you might have a budget that only allows $3 frozen pizzas for dinner.
you might be drowning in laundry, dishes, and dirty hair...
but its ok.
your not alone.
we're out there.

can we all agree to encourage one another.
that when you see a mama struggling, you offer a prayer?
tell her you've been there too,
or your also walking through this.
that we will get through this together.
just stop.
one breath at a time.

i know that there is no mistake for this blog.
that i am writing real honest feelings here.
i believe that this community is suffering in silence.

there is nothing wrong with not being "perfect"
for not having dinner on the table every night at 6pm.
for not having the cleanest home.
the list can go on...

just know that you are not alone.
again, we are in the trenches together.
i got you mama.
im praying for you...
along for myself!

and in case you need some cuteness overload,
a reminder why we need to breathe...



  1. So true! This is a messy stage of life- sometimes more hard, sometimes more good. Right there with you!

  2. Needed to read this today. I'm a first time mom with a 3.5 month old...never did I think motherhood was so hard...because all the moms I know hide it so well. But you're right we need to unite and uplift. Negativity is for the birds!!!! Thank you for being honest!

  3. Oh and p.s I would NEVER trade motherhood for ANYTHING. It's the most amazing thing in the world♡