its vital to life.

your body needs it.
craves it.
can't function without it.

mine has been trying to for a while now.
like bare minimum sleep.
cant remember the last time i washed my hair.
walk into the kitchen 10 times and still not remember what i was there for...
good thing im not driving right!?

and when i am getting those precious few hours of sleep,
im in the hazy,
listening for every cough, sniffle,
can't fully pass out for fear of deep, dead sleep.

but hope is brimming.
there is a light i can see.
sniffles are decreasing.
coughs are almost non-existent.
last night was the first night some little girl wasn't woken up by a cough.
i was only up three times with little dude.
and it was only to nurse then immediate snuggles and sleep.

ryan doesn't have a day off until next thursday.
i am fore-going all activities but the bare minimum.
we will be fed and bathed...
i can't be certain of hair washing though.
we will snuggle, play ponies,
watch copious amounts of netflix, amazon, and cooking tv.
and i will soak in those moments.

and when thursday comes...
i will sleep.
oh i will sleep.

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  1. And I will pray for sweet dreams! I remember these days you describe…and believe me when I tell you that if you close your eyes a moment too long when they open you will be raising pre-teens! Hard to see and feel in the present tense but I swear it was yesterday that Connor and Dylan had me in the same boat … and ironically now they could sleep 16 hrs a day if I allowed. Gotchya covered in prayer!! Xo