the summer seems to have flown by!
i have gotten some time to finally get some of our adventures together!
poppy came to visit!

i love when my dad comes into town.
eden adores him.
solomon melts into him.
for me, he brings calm.

ive been blessed with wonderful parents,
who love and cherish my littles,
and me and ryan. ;)
they don't miss any opportunity to shower us with love.

some might not know,
but my parents are divorced.
they separated when i was 17.
it was hard, emotional.
but my parents never wavered in their support and love.
even when i got married at 18,
and moved away.

when we had eden,
my dad sat on the phone with my mom on speaker,
who was in pennsylvania taking care of my mimi,
giving her updates from the delivery room,
giving her moments of me laboring,
letting her be a part of eden's birth.
i dont know many divorced parents who would do that.

when he visits,
we all go to dinner at Vincent's for the best pizza ever.
there is catching up to do,
greasy pie pan to devour,
and new memories to be made.
i love that they give my littles that.
unconditional love.

rabbit trail...
poppy came to visit!

we went to the park,
spent lazy days at home.
and of course we ate.
we like to eat.

i snapped a bunch of photos at the park,
like a ton! but i love them all!
here are some of my most favorites!
ill have some cozy photos to share tomorrow,
but enjoy these for now!

oh did i forget to mention...
yeah, my dad rode his harley all the way from TEXAS!!!


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