it seems i blink and a week goes by...
however in the minutes it feels like time is dragging.

we have had a case of the sickies.
this is Eden's first ever cold.
like, wake up coughing/hacking from post-nasal drip.
mama has a mild case too.

and of course this happens at the same time our son...
who was a great sleeper the first few weeks,
decides he is going to keep mama up...

if he is not swaddled, bounced,
listening to loud music,
being touched, reassured...
he is screaming.

he is the happiest baby,
when he's not screaming.
but he has no warning.
no rev-up to extreme screaming, tears.
no middle.
just extremes.
happy. mad.
content. irate.
joyful. unconsolable.

i knew these two would be different,
but goodness gracious...
this is a whole new realm.
my mom is even shocked!

thank God for wonderful friends.
i have a sweet mama friend,
i was so blessed to meet her when we first moved up here.
she knows just what to say.
she recently had her third little.
she has two sweet girls, one is a few months older than eden.
and her third, a sweet baby boy just a month younger than solomon.

she forgives me for not calling.
for missing outings.
she understands.
like she came to my house,
with gifts of coffee, cookies,
a homemade taggie blanket for solly and a puzzle for eden.
we let the littles play upstairs while we chatted.
she will never know the joy that brought me.
to just sit, and talk.

she reassures me im doing great.
that the transition from one to two littles is by far the hardest.
::gives me hope for if we are ever blessed with another little::
and she listens.
she knows what im trying to say,
even if im trampling over my words.

i was sharing my frustrations for not understanding solomon.
explaining just a few of the curve balls he throws me.
frantic, spastic nurser.
the swaddling, violent bouncing to sleep.
won't sleep in the bed, the crib... anything but the bouncer.
the no sleep protest.
the reflux...
and how we are starting food.
[eden didn't eat anything but breast milk until she was over a YEAR!!]
im in crazy unknown waters.

she shared with me a friend who was in the same situation,
minus the toddler.
she recommended this book...
The 90-Minute Baby Sleep Program: Follow Your Child's Natural Sleep Rhythms for Better Nights and Naps

so out of desperation...
i ordered.
and praise the lord!!!

our life has changed.
we are still working on somethings,
but i love that this book was an easy read.
and that it works.
it freaking works!
ryan and i both saw a difference within a day!
yes you read that right...

things aren't perfect,
but we feel like we finally have an answer.
a plan.

so while we sit on the couch with our little sickie toddler,
our sweet baby boy is getting rest.
unswaddled, unbounced, and is our happy boy,
most of the day.

so as i said,
quick update...
you all know i say nothing quickly!

some of you might have seen on instagram,
the status of our home...
with all the chaos and untidy home!

but we are on the mend.
i am working on getting things more consistently posted.
[there might or might not have been an incident with my computer
that included water... no worries, all is well]

i have lots to share in the coming weeks.
especially pictures/recaps from over the summer...

thank you all for your prayers and sweet words.
they mean so very much to me
and soothe my mama heart when im reaching my breaking point.

so now i leave you with a few photos.
some sweet cuddles and a story telling toddler.
she also took a few of the blurry photos...
she's determined,
her constant command...
"solly... smile dor me"
she thinks she is hilarious... we think so too.

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  1. Gosh, Eden is just a beautiful little girl! Growing up so much!