as I lay here,
nursing my youngest,
cuddling my oldest,
I am amazed. 

after a debilitating migrane,
the guilt-ridden day I've put myself through...
I am amazed.

my love, my beloved,
not only cleaned the whole house,
but spent all day taking care of us all.
meeting all of our needs.
and still manges to do so with a smile on his face.
that's true love. 

as I lay here,
there is the gentle roll of thunder,
constant drumming of heavy rain,
splatters of lightening that quicken my spirit.
I love rain. 
I love storms.
they are calming to me.
help me reflect.
they comfort me.

our sweet eden.
this was her first night to watch a storm.
we cuddled together
opened the blinds and watched the lights. 
the purple streaked sky. 
her reflection in the window.
her smile and soft giggle when she got to see the sky paint itself...
just for her... 
my heart stilled.

that curiosity.
that connection of being told of something,
then watching it happen.
the faith that comes with it...
she completely and wholeheartedly 
trusts me. believes me.
when I say she is safe. 
that the lightening is coming,
she calms and waits in anticipation. 

my spirit reminds me,
then and there.
child-like faith.
this is it. 
the lightening strikes

as much as this parenting journey is teaching them...
it is so much more of teaching me.
reminding me of the simple truths.
restoring my heart to child-like faith.

life is...
when lightening strikes.
the ah-ha moments.
the calm still revelations.
the late nights...
when you get to experience your daughters first storm. 
with giggles and cuddles...
this is my life.
and how very blessed am I...



  1. Well said! I treasure the moments when we can peek into the creativity of God. My biggest didn't even know we had a storm and my littlest reacted in fear. How often as adults are we just like children! Some face the storm head on and others need someone to walk through it with us and still some are in such deep sleep they aren't even aware there is a storm to face or fear!

  2. What a beautiful gift it is to watch you grow and stretch not only as a momma and wife, but as a precious woman of faith. You amaze me with your insight, wisdom and yes...child-like faith. I love you so much my beautiful oldest baby.