so postpartum can really mess with your hormones...
and this time around they like SUPER messed with mine.

for those who don't know,
before i got pregnant i was that "no-poo" mama.

you heard me...
i didn't use shampoo or conditioner.
i used simple water. baking soda. apple cider vinegar.
and sometimes essential oils for smell.
[hubs HATES acv!!]

i loved it.
the adjustment period was rough,
super oily hair then fried ends...
but then...

then i got pregnant and BAM!!!
i could not find the right ratio and my hair looked like crap.
i gave up and said,
ill just use shampoo and conditioner through pregnancy...
not worth the stress!

i am now back to my "no-poo"
and i am loving it...
well when i actually GET a shower.

another hormonal annoyance...
aka. body odor.
when i say that nothing helped my stinky underarms...
i mean it.
not even my husband's deodorant!
talk about a great self-esteem booster right there...

Praise the Lord that i have found a wonderful deodorant now!!!

which brings me to...

i've had a few people ask what i use,
hair products, make-up,
face cream, deodorant...
you know...
the works.

so given that i have now perfected my current routine...
i am here to share!

1. "no-poo shampoo"... baking soda and water. thats it! wet my hair and then put some of this on my scalp. scrub. rinse. rinse well.

2. "no-poo conditioner"... acv and water. [apple cider vinegar] sometimes i drop a few drops of e.o.'s in. [essential oils] i love wild orange... so fresh and summery.

3. "face cream/wash"... i honestly only wash my face with baking soda and water.
then i use my roller bottle of e.o.'s and coconut oil. i use a mix of frankincense& lavender. then melaleuca for acne. [detailed post coming soon on that!] fractionated coconut oil is the only lotion/cream i will put on my body. soo hydrating and leaves my skin silky soft!

4. Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara Black... my favorite mascara i've ever used. i've really only ever been a mascara and eyeliner gal. throughout high-school thats all i wore... well maybe the occasional brown eye shadow. keep it simple.

5. Physicians Formula Eye-Liner Black... soft and easy to apply. again, keep it simple. [not too sure why its so expensive on amazon, but i just pick it up from target]

6. O+O Lemongrass Blend... ok. ladies... this is the most amazing stuff like... ever! i have struggled with trying to find a natural organic deodorant that works with my stinky-pits. were getting real here, yo! and this is THE ONLY THING i have used that works. seriously. not to mention this little baby has multi-purpose uses and is now permanently in our diaper bag! minor cuts and burns, headaches, tummy aches, bug repellant, over-tired/cranky, anti-septic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, SUNSCREEN...  do yourself a favor and just pop over and get yourself some! these also would make wonderful baby gifts!! and another plus, i don't have to worry if the littles get into the jar!!!

7. DoTerra On-Guard Toothpaste... my favorite toothpaste. so fresh and clean. i love our oils! On-Guard is a great immunity/protector booster ;)

What's your beauty routine? Any must-haves?!?



  1. Loved seeing a peek at this - I need to order OnGuard toothpaste to try!

  2. Will definitely be trying the face wash! Thank you also for the intro to essential oils!