It seems like we are finally getting back into a schedule...
Well at least the last few days both littles have finally slept!
At the same time

Ryan's working summer hours,
aka:: all.the.time.
so for Father's Day, 
We took a trip to pick strawberries
[failed miserably and left with two screaming littles]
picked up some groceries,
then we came home to grill and chill.

it was beautiful outside. 
we are making our little apartment our home.
little by little.
Ryan and I said last night,
we finally feel like we are home.
so to have eden running around,
blowing bubbles, jumping in her pool,
solly taking a nap while sun-bathing...
it was perfect. 

we were outside almost all day.
a relaxed, chill, cozy Father's Day. 

i am amazed by Ryan.
every day. 
he adores our children.
plays in the grass. 
makes silly noises.
comes up with funny stories to make eden laugh.
encourages imagination.
he kisses their boo-boos.
he prays with them.
he prays over them.
he cuddles them.
he spoils them.
he loves them.

i couldn't have chosen a better father.
and that is what i will tell our littles everyday.
that they have the very best. 
that I prayed for him.
that he is the answer to my prayers. 
that i chose him to be their daddy. 

just a few pictures from our day...

hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day!