when we moved to PA
i knew we would be near family.
what i didn't think about was the connections my littles would have with extended family.

technically, my mom's cousin is closer in age to me.
she had three adorable boys,
two older boys and a younger boy.
the youngest is two months older than eden.
and the two of them are so stinkin cute together. 

i am so grateful that she started these park play dates. 
our littles get to play and create a bond.
i get to relax and enjoy this friendship i never thought was possible.
i mean, i held her oldest at the Fourth of July picnics my Mimi had over TEN years ago! 

Brady and Eden are two peas in a pod.
you can't help but just soak up their laughter.
the chubby cheeks, 
the little hands,
the shenanigans these two get into...
oh i can already see the mischief these two will start! 

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  1. Mischievous maybe… but cute enough to get away with it for sure! Xo