in preparation for getting Solomon's birth story written and posted,
i figured i would share the days leading up to labor and delivery...

just so you know...
i was in early labor::prodromal labor for six weeks...
yes six weeks!!!! i thought he was coming for six.very very.long.weeks.

we shall begin with the maternity photos!!
i feel most beautiful pregnant...
seriously... i could be pregnant 24/7 and be happy as can be!
i am reminded of the miracle of life that God blesses us with.
the innate intelligence our bodies go through to make our littles.
to sustain our littles. it is truly amazing.


i had said through most of this pregnancy that i wanted maternity photos.
our camera was on the fritz, i thought i had fixed it...
i hadn't.

but that didn't stop us.

at almost a 41 weeks, we decided to take a few photos.
contracting and all... i was going to have photos. hell or high-water!

i guided ryan what angle to get, 
had him positioning lights in our bedroom.
him holding the camera as still as he could,
to counteract just one of the many issues this dumb camera had.

ryan was such a trooper.
i was super emotional.
irritated that the camera wasn't working.
frustrated that i was still contracting, 
and in my mind, not progressing.
i was a mess.

but this gave us time.
time together we hadn't had in a while.
we bonded. grew. re-connected.
we laughed. i will never forget the look in his eyes.
the look when we started laughing,
talking about solly's arrival.
he looked at me like i was a goddess.
amazed at how my body continued to grow and support our baby.
the love he has for me...
its overwhelming and intoxicating.
it was just what i needed to relax.
to focus and be reminded that solly was coming when HE was ready.
to enjoy these last days...

when i sat down and looked at the moments he captured,
i was in tears. so beautiful.
yes i was huge, but i was carrying LIFE.
life growing inside of my womb.
MY baby. MY body grew and made this sweet child.
our sweet solly thor.
just one of our miracles.

i look back at these photos and can remember...
the emotions,
the fears, anxieties,
the excitement, anticipation...
the love. i feel it all.
every single bit.

these photos turned out better than i could ever have imagined.
i would love to have every single one of these framed and placed in our room.

we even got a few photos of eden...
she loves her baby brother so much...
oh how i cherish these moments...