i have had this idea since solomon was born.
i wanted to write to you my littles.
each week a letter, a memory, a lesson...
that once a year i would combine into a book with photos.
a book for you.
my littles.

when i got the update that Sakura Bloom was looking for Sling Diarists,
i just knew this would be a lovely way to start this series!
this... this is my "audition".
and while this is my second time auditioning,
i couldn't be more grateful for the reflection this has given me.
these photos mean so very much to me, and the words...
the words are my heart to you.
may you always know how i cherish these moments.
when you asked to be cuddled softly against me and your daddy.
when i get to sing to you our songs. calm your spirits.
these memories... these are truly priceless and i will carry them with me always.

without further ado...

my loves.
my heart.

i pray that you open your heart. that you learn to trust yourself.
that you allow yourself to feel.
to cry. to scream. to dance. to sing. to try. to fail. to laugh. to love.
to run and dance in the rain. to speak your heart.
i pray that you don't limit yourself. don't let anyone tell you, you can't.
you, my dears, were created for a specific purpose, only you can fulfill.
remember that its the little things. the hello's to strangers. the smiles. the hugs.
compassion. hope. forgiveness. love. gentleness. grace.
those things matter. sometimes... there the most important.
you can be that light in someone's darkness. my little lights you are.

the world loses sight of whats important sometimes.
it can be stifling and discouraging, but not devastating.
there will be times that its scary, even terrifying, to listen to your heart.
but i promise, every time, and i mean every.single.time, it will be worth it.

your heart is your courage. you will always have it.
its one of those things in life no one can steal. don't be deceived.
its a part of you, always.
it will flutter inside of you, bubbling up inside.
it will show itself in more ways than one. it will direct your path.
the spark of curiosity that radiates through you... don't contain it.

courage comes like the rain. bursting forth through the clouds.
it can be torrential and violent.
or healing and peaceful.
quiet and gentle.  
all of these... all of them are needed for growth.
revel in it. feel it. move with it.
be still to it. listen. embrace it.

you, my littles, you are my courage. you are what reaffirmed and re-awoke my heart.
that tiny voice inside that i never fully knew. that i never trusted until having you.

remember mama, 
their sweet skin against your chest, those tiny hands wrapped around your neck.
those still, calm moments when their body melts into yours...
those moments. those are the moments to selah.

selah:: to pause and listen. 
it takes courage to be still. to wait. to listen.
to listen to those around you. to listen to your heart. to hear your heart.
selah. my loves, you have given me the courage to embrace selah.