my littles...

eden, you still like to look at my tummy. 

having you two has made me really embrace my body. 
while mama is still striving for a "healthy body" not a "skinny body"...
i love, cherish, adore these marks. 
these are life marks. 
life rays.

you call my belly a sun and trace the stretch marks
::life marks::life rays::

you tell me how soft my tummy is, 
you tell me...
"solly in there?! solly come out mamas potty, he not there no more!" 
i could sit for hours while you trace them. 

what you will one day learn, i traced each "life ray" when i was pregnant with you. 
it was my tangible evidence of your growth inside of me. 
i feared so much while i was pregnant with you. 
i feared I would lose you, like i did your older brother, Noah. 

after you were born, i would just rest my hand on my stomach... 
another reminder of His faithfulness. His promise. 

when I got pregnant with you solly, 
i was so excited when your own life rays began. 
they are lighter in color and so flawlessly highlight each of eden's rays. 
just like you does now. 

you accent her light, her joy. 

there is no mistake. None. Ever. 
these marks are a blessing and a constant reminder of my most important job...

I hope and pray that one day, 
when eden, you tell me your growing your own little blessing, 
when solomon, you tell us your wife is carrying your little blessing, 
that these marks won't be shunned or thought of as ugly... 
that you both will embrace these life rays. 
eden, that you will love your body, 
solly, that you will respect, love, support, and tell your wife how beautiful she is...
tell her that those marks are lovely and make you love her even more...
just like your daddy tells me...

oh sweet littles...
these marks are forever on my body, 
life rays embedded on my skin...
your life rays..
and just like they are with me forever, 
so is my love for you.
unending... constant... beautiful... sacred.


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