she made it over two years.
27 months and 11 days to be exact.

her first real boo-boo.
we've had a few scraped knees,
bumps and bruises.
not this time.
go big or go home they say...
she went REAL big.

ryan's second day off since little man made his arrival.
he let mama and baby rest,
took little miss upstairs to play.

mama texted daddy when she woke up,
"can you come downstairs?"
no sooner did she press send did she hear...

running down the stairs and crying,
the bedroom door flinging open,

the fear, anxiety in his voice had me flying out of bed.
seeing him and eden on the floor with a shirt pressed to her forehead,
i had no idea what to expect. i swallowed the fear in my throat.

she was crying, but not hysterically.
i think more out of the shock and adrenaline coursing through her little veins.
i kept saying, "its going to be ok. lets calm down. breathe."
i wiped her face, and pulled back her pink stained hair.
her head stopped bleeding within a few min.
and this is what the damage was...

ryan and i just looked at each other,
willing the other to remain calm.
i cant remember how many times i said,
"oh Jesus, let her be ok."

once her head was cleaned up,
stopped bleeding and she had a lollipop...
[they help any situation]
mama's gut started kicking in.

for those who don't know,
we use DoTerra essential oils.
for just about any and everything.

i remember a few weeks ago,
another oil user had posted a pic of her son.
he had busted his lip open and they used the oils to help it heal.
they avoided stitches, the trauma of an ER visit,
and it healed beautifully.

i couldn't remember who it was that posted it,
so i went to IG and asked my fellow mama's help.
within minutes i had advice, answers, and a quick link to the mama i was looking for.

[now, obviously i am not a health care professional.
so if you believe your child needs to go to the ER for stitches, go.]

my mama gut AND daddy's gut,
both said, she will heal. you have what you need to help her.
i trust my gut. i trust ryan's gut.
i trust the ability and the innate intelligence God gave our bodies to heal.
i believe in the power of prayer.
so thats what we did.

now for the pictures...
i will write under each photo what we did.
prayer was a VERY important step with all of these "applications" :)

this is after two poorly applied butterfly strips and some lavender oil

same as above

this is after three better applied butterfly strips and oils.
a mix of lavender, frankincense, helichrysum, and basil.
and a two hour nap!  
this is after a new bandage change, sleep. we re-applied oils.
then some new skin (liquid band-aid) and butterfly strips.
just 33 hours after she got the injury!

this is after no more bandages. just applied the oils!
just 56 hours after injury!

here is her sweet little head.
before and after.
"the gash" and 12 days after "the gash"

side note::
my mom is a RN.
when all of her training and medical background disagree how we do things,
she has stood beside us,
through the health choices we make for our littles and ourselves.
i can't begin to say how proud i am of her.
she has not only started to see that there are other ways,
but she has also changed some of her views. not just because of us.
she did her own research ;) 
even if she doesn't agree with us all the time,
or its hard for her to sit back, 
she has NEVER once told us we were bad parents.
when i was on the phone with her telling her what we were doing,
basically trying to justify it, she interrupts me and says,
"kate, i trust you. i know you are doing what's best for Eden."
those words are so precious to me.

while we are so impressed with how well it healed and is continuing to heal,
to see/hear my mom's reaction is amazing.
she is shocked at how well it has healed.
she said, "i've never seen something heal so fast and so well!"
she's even mentioned that her wedding gift to my sister will be a kit of DoTerra oils!

this child had more of a reaction to the butterfly strips than anything else!
which really made me wonder...
if we had gotten stitches if they would have had a more severe reaction?!?

we will continue to apply the helichrysum to help fade the scar.

this verse was one that i did not think about until i sat down to write this post.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.
- 2 Timothy 1:7 - 

how true? and how fitting for this parenting moment!
to have the self-discipline, that HE gave us, to TRUST.
not to act out of fear, but out of the faith He gave us.
the faith, that He entrusted ryan and me over our littles.
that the knowledge and wisdom we have/are learning,
is being put to use, and is strengthening that faith.
light-bulb moment. a revelation. 

praise God she healed.
thank you Lord.
for not only complete healing,
but for the boost of confidence.
that we are doing something right ;)

** there were a lot of factors we had to think and pray about.
emotional trauma to eden.
the risk of sensitivity to stitches.
the risks of local anesthetics.
the risk of picking up an infection at the hospital/urgent care.
the risk of picking up any sickness,
for her and for possible transferred sickness to baby, mama, or daddy.
[we have a brand new newborn at home, SO much more at risk to sickness]
financial--this was a minimal factor; there is no price on our littles health!
a scar was never an issue to us.
if she has one, she has one. i know that some people would have gotten stitches, based solely on that... but stitches don't guarantee no scar!

while we both said, we would do the same thing we did, i do believe that if some of these things weren't factors we would have taken her in, solely out of fear.
not trust.
i am so glad that we didn't.
such a learning experience.
such a validation of our "parent-gut-instinct".**

** also,
if you are interested in learning more about essential oils or have any questions, please feel free to ask/send an email!! (link is at top of page!)

if you are wondering the best bang for your buck... 
the family physician's kit!!!

i can't say enough about how well these oils work. not to mention all the different ways you can use them. we use them for just about everything...
health, sickness, beauty, cleaning, EVEN EATING--
not all oils are ok to take internally, so PLEASE consult/research which ones are!**


  1. This is AMAZING!!! I'm sharing on my page and will be linking to you in a future blog post too! I would have taken one look at that gash and gone straight to the ER. I never knew oils could heal a gash like that. So super impressed. Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. My little guy just gashed his face open while playing today. I immediately searched for this post because I remembered the ig picture! Do you think the oils will work still if there are a few days intermission before applying?

    1. anneliese! i would definitely say that they wont hurt! :) they will help in the healing process even if its a few days out, but honestly, with littles they heal SO FAST!
      the wound will probably already be closing if you wait a few days. if you want to email me some photos id be glad to help you figure out a course of action!
      katesocialmediainfo @