to keep in mind:: 
there are times where Ryan or I have said things in a joking manner... 
only to have them come completely true. 
We are constantly reminding each other to be mindful of what we say, 
because with us... 
it might just happen! 

our biggest example:: THIS IS BEFORE RYAN AND I EVER MET

when i was a sophomore in high school, 
my church youth group participated/attended a local fine arts festival 
[you can advance to compete for scholarships that are available... LONG STORY!]
there is a celebration ceremony where the winners of each category perform... 

they announce the winners of "RAP GROUP" 

three WHITE boys walk on stage. 
all in jumpsuits... one in red, one in orange, one in yellow. 
i turn to my sister and say, "this is going to be interesting..." 
They were amazing. They shocked everyone that was there 
(some 300 people) 
at the end of the performance i leaned over to my sister and said, 
"im going to marry the guy in the yellow". 
fast forward a couple years, i meet ryan. we fall in love. we get engaged. 
we get married. we find out that... 
ryan was the guy in the yellow jumpsuit! 
one of the many things im glad i spoke into existence! ;)

so, onto 


ryan and i have a BIG list of requirements when it comes to names 

and meaning is on the top of that list.

**side note:: 
Eden's full name means "delight. promised to God"
she fits her name so well!!**

then, it needs to not be super common, but also, not really weird!

we went through TONS of names and then this happened...

we found out... 

we were definitely having a baby...BOY. 
no doubt from that ultra-sound!
my mom has been pushing us for a name, 
i was getting irritated and to calm me down (and partly get the Mimi off our backs) Ryan said, "tell her his name is Thor until we figure it out!" 
she wasn't impressed, but my sister Julie really liked it. 
so for the time being... he was Baby Thor.

we went through boo-koos of names... 

had a couple we liked but weren't in love with.
we had prayed and prayed asking for guidance and wisdom, 

as well as what his namesake would speak over him. 
about two weeks later this happened:

im driving, and im thinking about the name Thor. knowing that it means thunder.

i have a strong connection to it, but trying to understand why. 
i have always liked the light, lighting, rain, thunder, but i knew it was something more.
then the Holy Spirit revealed to me, 

"yes, Thor means thunder. but think more outside the box than weather..." 
ok... give me a break im pregnant, help me out God!
"when your son opens his mouth, speaking and singing, it will resonate. break through doors, right to peoples hearts. the power of lightening. the strength of thunder. he will speak truth, wisdom, light."

fast forward to later that night, 
i ended up finding that Thor also means "strength"

i had shared this with a close friend of mine, 

and we both thought that maybe Thor was just a gateway to finding a name that went along one of those meanings...
until i shared it all with Ryan. 

he smiled and said, 

"i really like it, 
but i dont know if i like it as a first name 
and im still not sure about naming our son Thor..."

we decided we wouldn't worry too much about it and that we would have a peace when we had his full name....

fast forward about a week:

ryan came home from work and it was like 10pm... 

i was getting ready for a bath and he says from the kitchen, 
"hey! what do you think of solomon?"

i have never had an overwhelming love for that name,
i mean, it wasn't even on our list of names!

my breath caught in my throat.

my heart IMMEDIATELY softened,
but my spirit said, "that's it!" 

a part of me thought that maybe ryan was joking...

i hesitantly called from the bathroom,"i like it... alot... you?"

he said he was in the truck (he delivers ice) and samson came to his mind, 

but he knew that wasn't it and then solomon hit him. 

He really liked it, but he wanted to know what i thought, 

as well as what the meaning was.
so we looked up the meaning... 

"wise. wisdom. peace"

when i read the words out loud, before i could say anything else, Ryan says, with a huge smile on his face, 

"THAT'S our son's name"

now to the middle name. 

again, we had some ideas but nothing concrete. 
Thor kept coming up...
but we would keep saying things like, "are we REALLY going to name our son THOR??" and we both would smile... knowing all too well that every time we said it out-loud, 
it was growing on us.

we would go through all these names and nothing would really fit... 

i finally wrote down all the options,
and what his name would mean with all the meanings next to the name...

and then...
i looked down and saw

Solomon Thor:: wise. peaceful.strength

Ryan and I both knew... 

our baby boy would be named, 
Solomon Thor! 


  1. Love his name, and he is just such a sweet, sweet babe.

  2. Such a sweet story! Don't know how I missed it before, I've always loved his name but hearing the story behind it makes me love it even more.. if possible.