surprise surprise!
still no baby!!!

honestly, im shocked.
if you asked me at any time during this pregnancy,
i would have said...
yeah, i think he will be early.

guess not.
i had our midwife appointment last week,
and we all said we would be surprised if we made it to our next appointment...
no baby yet, so he's keeping us all on our toes!

our house is clean, organized.
piles of our homebirth/waterbirth supplies line our living room and bedroom walls.
our upstairs office/playroom... finished.
everything but the sitz afterbirth bath and pads are made and ready to go.

i have been having prodromal labor for the past two weeks now.
[has it really been two weeks of this?!?]
for those who might not know, prodromal labor:
check out these articles that explain it really well!


basically, some call it "false labor", but my argument...
how can it be false if its actually DOING something?!?
i had this with Eden, but didn't know what it was called.
only difference, Eden's prodromal labor lasted a couple of days,
and was only certain times during the day.

with this boy...
going on two weeks,
no consistant time of day...
basically most of the day with a couple breaks.
ive been on my ball for days, drinking my tea,
and walking the stairs.
i've also had Ryan and my mom stay with me.
They are both now back at work while we wait.

::side note::
[i don't know what i would do without them.
they have allowed me to rest and be selfish.
not an easy thing for me.
i feel guilty.
mom has rubbed my back, legs and feet,
given me pedicures, played with eden and cooked most of our meals.
ryan has been moving things around, constantly re-filling water,
and spending time with eden when mama needs a break.
between them and my midwife,
they have reassured me that none of this is a waste.
each contraction, pain, and discomfort is that much closer to meeting baby.]

my clothes no longer fit,
i sway with every movement.
my back is sore,
my hips are tender.
pressure, oh the pressure down there...
[mama's you know what i mean!]
i live on my birth ball.
swaying and bouncing,
swaying and bouncing.

but for now,
i am reminded to breathe,
enjoy these last moments, days,
dare i say weeks, of just the three of us.

as excited as i am to meet little man,
im also choosing to savor these moments with Eden.
she has grown up so much in the past couple months
and i know... it will only get more evident when he gets here.
oh she already loves her baby brother so much.

we make cookies, dance and sing silly songs.

she "checks" on baby boy and mama through-out the day.

we watch birth videos.
take lots of baths and she gets to help wash baby boy.
our big helper. im already so very proud of her!

oh my littles, 
i love you. 
your mama.

ps. baby boy, 
if you could ease up on the jabs to my cervix in the middle of the night
that send me shooting up in shock and surprise...
i sure would appreciate it!


  1. so close, mama. so close. xoxo

  2. I love your blog! Cant wait to see pics of your lil man and hear all about your birth experience!!