the past two weeks have been eventful...

eden dropped a glass on my tooth...
i thought the glass broke. nope.
thought i was a little chip. nope.
not gonna lie. i was pretty devastated.

praise God for an amazing dentist who was so sweet.
he was so worried i was going to be upset it didn't look exactly the same.
hey! i can eat and smile without a hole in my mouth, im thrilled!

we got snow!!!

someone is getting ready for "bebe broder"

she found her "baby pop" that she literally used for like a week when she was born, 
but has now started making an occasional appearance.
especially on rough days...

food and coloring always helps :)

and a BIG SISTER COVE is always nice!
she did the wall stickers all by herself, 
mama did three... learning to let her do it herself.
such a big girl!

on a sad note: 
our camera is officially beyond hope. 
its lasted a good seven years, so i can't complain.
its only the body, 
which is good. 
means that all my lenses are still useable, we just have to buy a new body...
perfect timing right? 
so iphone photos for the next couple months it shall be!