we are still in shock that we are so very close to meeting our baby boy!

i have just ordered our birth kit,
full of midwife/birth supplies, a footprint kit, a birth certificate.
placed the order for our first herbal bath mix,
[really looking forward to that]
got the newborn cloth diapers and accessories ordered and on their way...
seriously go check out rebourne etsy shop
Marni is fabulous and her quality is amazing!
[and newborn diapers... so tiny!!!]
how sweet is this wool sleep sack she made for him?!?

our midwife home visit appointment has been made. check!
this is the visit when she comes with the pool.
like a symbolic blessing of...
"baby we are ready when you are."
kinda. ;)

ive been making my raspberry tea,
now moving on to the pregnancy-blend-get-body-ready-for-labor tea.
prodromal labor has started... so glad to know that im not IN labor,
but that my body is getting ready... this whole process is simply miraculous!!

we have been watching more births online...
eden wakes up asking, "watch bebe out? bebe out?" with a huge smile on her face.
warms my heart every time.
this video has to be one of my favorites.
the family, siblings, the music, the light!!!
i always imagined having baby boy at night, in the peaceful dark.
BUT... this video has made me start secretly getting excited if he were to come in the day-time.
welcoming theodore seriously go watch... its beautiful.
[no graphic images in this one! ryan likes this one a lot too]
im not going to lie, i break into tears every time i see the oldest hanging up the newborn clothes. to remember that my baby girl fit in those, and now... well...
do yourself a favor and go watch!

we still have last minute items im still trying to decide on.
pregnancy makes me even MORE indecisive than normal...
scary thought i know!
and pinterest does NOT help this mama!!
well it doesn't make the decision making process any easier! ;)
[heres our pinterest new baby board]

this is where i would LOVE some mama's recommendations!
give me all your secrets, favorites, must haves!
::on our last minute items i need to get::

a few more newborn hats
newborn socks/mittens
swaddling blankets
big sister gift 
(we have a couple items but i would love to hear your suggestions/ideas!)

some mama items:
mini shampoo/conditioner
[i normally use the no-poo method, but after delivery i would love a little pampering!]
comfy socks/slippers

as well as...
postpartum meals.
for a couple weeks after baby.

i have been instructed to decide what i want as my first meal!
ooh there are so many options!
i know i dont want lasagna, spaghetti, or chicken noodle soup...
but still have no clue what i want!
im open to suggestions...
who knows, maybe ill choose your suggestion! ;)

and, of course...
some random thoughts::

still deciding on belly binding....
i love the idea of having some support and helping organs back in place!
honestly, i could care less with the losing weight part, for now.

these are some really cool articles that have sparked my interest,
as well as some beautiful photos :: my homebirth board on pinterest

can you just tell my scatter-brained-ness?!?


  1. Cant wait to hear your birth story! I may decide to have an at home water birth next time with all the wonderful things ive heard about it. It sounds so wonderful!

    1. Im so excited! especially with the risk of tearing minimized! ;)

  2. One thing that helped us a lot with our freehomebirth, was making many places around our home access able to giving birth in. I intended in having a water birth which was all set up in our living room. But I also made it a point to rearrange our entire home. As in kitchen, I put our small sofa/comfy chair in there as a labor space. We had am extra room we emptied out for an area I can "get away from everything" I remember wanting a lot of space my last two births so that helped. I kept our room normal so the boys had a spot for themselves and we arranged our "playroom area as a second birthing spot as well. I ended up giving birth in the playroom area, that was set up with a bed. So I think that's what helped a lot for me. :)

    1. ooh! good idea! we have limited space, but thats a wonderful idea to have a couple laboring spaces!