we now have a two year old!!
what?!? a toddler?
yes. a beautiful, healthy, joyous toddler!

these two years have flown by.
watching her grow, learn and blossom.
truly a delight. lives up to her name this one.
oh yes she does.

this year we got to have my dad here on her birthday.
and my sister also got to spend the day with us!
[a rare occasion since she works nights]
for those who might not know,
my dad and sister were in the room when eden was born.
when she took her first breath...

we did things simple this year.
balloons in the living room...
a few gifts.
lunch with dad and my sister,
aunt jelly.

and then...
the pittsburgh children's museum.
im kicking myself for not taking her sooner!
it was AMAZING! seriously.

we were only there for three hours...
but could have easily spent all day there!

she love love loved painting!
especially the green. it was adorable.
i loved how everything was set up.
makes me want to make our playroom modeled more like their space.
inviting. messy. creative. inspiring. comforting.

this totally 100% captures our little family...
me trying to get the family photo, eden completely avoiding that this is a perfect photo opportunity [notice her hand]
and ryan just smiling, because he knows arguing is pointless! 

why hello baby boy!

the ice table was SO much fun!

ryan and my dad.. oh they are trouble-makers ill tell ya!

sweet baby girl.
what a privilege it is to be your mama.
to watch you grow. to help guide and lead you.
to have you teach me. take slower moments.
say yes more. enjoy life more.
you have brought so much joy, laughter, light and love into our family.
little one. oh we love you. so very much.
happy birthday eden!
you amaze your daddy and me every day!



  1. Eden is the sweetest! And your belly?!?!?! Oh my goodness, love it!