my camera is still on the fritz... eek! so frustrating!
but that didn't stop me from taking a ba-zillion pictures the past couple weeks!

this week is a dedication/re-cap/photo dump of october!

we look back at another little's birthday party and pumpkin patch!
not to mention the farm animals!!
we sure do have some amazing friends!!

it was chilly, but so beautiful outside.
we got to ride on a tractor up to the pumpkin patch.
if i was closer to my due date... we definitely would have had little man that night!

they had an indoor activity center.
eden loved the paint. she could squeeze the bottles.
spin, spin, spin!
i love these moments i get to see between her and daddy.

and then off to the petting/feeding area.
she found this wagon and refused to let it go.
there might have been tears and screaming involved...
but the animals. this child is fearless. 
she loved every moment! 
and then a bounce house.

watching her blossom into this toddler-hood...
so overwhelming. exciting. and oh so joyous!

this was a wonderful celebration for a sweet boy,
surrounded by friends and family.
to see the love and joy between them... infectious.

it made ryan and i slow down.
soak it all in.
enjoy these last weeks with just us three.
our baby girl.
wait, our toddler.