my dad came to visit.
i love the time we share.
i really love watching him and eden together.
two peas in a pod i tell ya!

he was with us through my labor.
and in the delivery room when eden was born.
ive never seen a connection like theirs.
its like they have their own secret code.

this visit...
we went to Penn State
[both dad and i are Nittany Lions!]
the last time poppi was here was 30 YEARS ago!
it drizzled the entire day.
*we had to use my dad's camera and i completely forgot about the stupid date stamp!!*

took a walk down to the river...
poppy taught her how to skip rocks...

 and they colored, ate peanuts, played with all her birthday balloons...

my heart fills with joy to watch eden with her grandparents.
we are so very blessed to have grandparents that want to be involved.
who put up with me on the phone,
listening to all the new things she is doing.
trying to decipher what she is saying to them this time.
who spoil this child,
most importantly...
who pray over and shower our littles with love.

we miss you poppy!
can't wait to see you when little man gets here!!!


  1. I enjoyed looking at these photos, my youngest son is a sophomore at PSU I miss him so much and can't wait for thanksgiving so I can have all my college kiddos back and under one roof again, if only for a few weeks :(

    1. im so glad you stopped by!! :) enjoy that time when they are home!! xoxo