**ramblings in my mind... im sure i will elaborate on all of these in the coming weeks but for now...**

less than 60 days...
unless this little boy decides to come late,
we have less than 60 days until he his here.
so many emotions there.

i have been re-reading Ina May's Guide to Childbirth,
i am getting so excited.
i have such a peace about this homebirth.
but i also feel so un-prepared at the same time?

Blessingways... have you heard of them?!?
[i made a pin-board for our homebirth here and new baby here...
there are a couple articles on a blessingway]
i could totally see this happening!
all the mama friends who have loved on, prayed for and given sound advice and wisdom to me and baby over the past nine months... how amazing would it be?!?
i hate that most of my friends live so far away.
i mean, locally... i have like three friends, whom i love dearly!!
social media has been a great connection for some amazing relationships,
even if they live states, or continents away!!

how quickly Eden is growing up.
how she has started putting things together in that little mind of hers.
seeing her personality, her quirks come and shine.

wondering how we are going to adjust to two littles.
oh thats a whopper of emotions there.

purpose. whats my purpose for this season of life.
i hate saying... is it just wife and motherhood?
i think our society has boiled it down to that not being "worthy"
but i think it is. but how to not lose myself in it...
make sense? no. maybe i can find the words in the coming days.

just a few things on my mind lately...
anything you need to get off your chest?