ligonier days...
ahh... october. family. friends.
family tradition.
my grandparents have done this for YEARS.
seriously... same hotel room and all!
my grandfather used to march in the parade.
my sister's birth was announced to him while he was walking in the parade!
lots of memories.

there's a parade, lots of food...
shopping, leaves, football watching and napping!
so here is our ligonier days photo dump!

one of the veteran's trucks wouldn't move, so ryan and donnie got up to help push.
couldn't be more proud.

she got herself a fox!
these are amazing, you can stick them in the mircowave or the freezer! she likes to "cook" him when we have to take daddy to work in the cold morning!

yes we are weird...

mimi and her baby. eden was OUT like less than five minutes later.
i love what baby/toddler wearing has brought to our family!

we have a picture from 2009 (ryan's first time) 2012 (eden's first time) and now 2013 (baby boy's first photo; eden was in the sling with mimi)
in this same spot... 

i might be over-obsessive of taking photos of him wearing eden! :)

27 weeks! WHAT?!?


  1. your family is gorgeous!
    LOVE the baby-wearing photos and of course the BUMP :)
    love you!

  2. you are so kind and thoughtful friend!!! :) xoxo