**well i had a couple posts set to post on their own... they didnt...grr**

thirty two weeks. 32.

raspberry leaf tea begins,
more quiet time. relaxing.
more home birth video watching, reading...

i seriously recommend ina may's guide to childbirth,
reguardless of your birthing preferences.
the birth stories are amazing!

eden loves watching the babies.
"bebe out? bebe out! awww. how cue."
"baby's coming out? baby is out!! aww how cute!"
then she looks at me,
with those beautiful blues,
with joy, wonder, excitement.

these next few weeks i will start making our home cozy.
i still haven't really decorated the house since moving in.
[yes we still have piles that need to go to goodwill]
my goal is to make our space...
cozy. safe. warm. peaceful. joyful.

i've got a couple of ideas for birth affirmations.
signs/notes around the house to encourage.
to remind. refresh. calm myself.
to focus on when labor begins.

who am i kidding,
to also help me when i walk through our home,
in the middle of the night when i cant sleep,
to remind me of this journey.
this sacred, miraculous adventure we are in.
that i was created for this.
my body was created for this.
to be empowered by this season in life.
of bringing my son into the world.

some 32 week updates:
: belly button is almost fully popped!
: he moves much more intently than eden, but not as spastic
: feeling great, still :)
: carrying higher than with eden
: cant see my feet anymore
: starting the restless nights... i forgot about these!
: boobs are already ready! you fellow mama's will understand!

oh sweet boy, 
soon we will meet face to face.
to feel your little body stretch inside my belly, 
your reactions to your sister when she hugs you.
that, already, you two have a connection...
sweet boy it brings tears to my eyes.
just when i think i can't get any bigger, 
i do. and it reminds me how important these last weeks are.
you are so very loved. already. 
love you,