i had every intention of getting a lot of writing done today.
a couple of different things have been on my mind.
i just wanted to get them out!

if you have a toddler...
most of the time...
your intentions and plans change. fast.

which isn't always such a bad thing.

ryan's job has required him to work some pretty long and crazy hours for the past...
oh, four months.
with only having one car and living at the bottom of a hill,
its easy to say, we don't get out much.

this is when i wish we had a fenced yard.
so i could sit and let her run and play.

we are so blessed with wonderful "grammie" like neighbors.
they invite us over to dig in the garden, feed the fish in the pond, play with the dogs and cats, and let her feed the "wild" animals [bunnies, ducks, birds, squirrels]
but somedays, they aren't home during the day.

like today.

so we went outside and played.
and played. and played.

she also hijacked mama's new headband from lemons and lace!
and has started picking out her own clothing... love the socks right?!


and then... we took a VERY long walk. ooh boy mama is tired.

so while today didn't go as i had planned...
i wouldn't trade it for the world.

oh i love you my sweet girl!