Ryan walked in from work last night and suggested a quick dinner and a drive to the park. 
so, even thought both of us are sick and Eden is still messing around with this stupid rash 
(update later this week i promise!) 
we piled in the car to head to the park...
and it starts sprinkling!

we are determined, we continue the 7 min to the park.
open our car doors and the rain stops. such a blessing.
there are leaves all over the ground, not another person in sight, 
so we run to the playground. well, i waddled. [its already begun]

while we later determined that this park is still a little much for Eden, 
it was nice to get out of the house. 
to enjoy the fall air.

i mostly watched Ryan and Eden play.
oh my heart melts watching them.
their relationship is so special.
she trusts him completely. 
no fear if she falls, daddy is right there.
he is the funniest thing she's ever seen.
he makes her laugh with just one look.

they both have the same giggle. 
their noses scrunch up. 
and then a belly giggle starts.
their faces light up and joy explodes all around.
its truly the most amazing moment. 
for that moment, no one else exists in their world, not even mama.

how privileged i am to witness those times.
a true fly on the wall.

so after watching them for a while, 
picking up leaves and enjoying some moments alone,
i decided, mama wanted in on the fun!

we played peek-a-boo. tried the swings.
ran. waddled. under the bridges.
and then the car.
eden is definitely a car lover. 
screams and cries if she can't "dwive"

this was the best part of the park.
she could "dwive" us around.
even told ryan where to sit.
little stinker is so demanding!

while she was driving, 
i decided to show ryan my leaf collection...
i couldn't get the words out "look im a reindeer"
before he said, "look its a moose!"
most pregnant women would take offense...
no i asked for a picture!
look at that baby boy growing!

life has changed a lot for us over the past seven years.
lately, we have been feeling stuck.
like we are just churning our wheels.
burning the candle at both ends some would say.

we both seem to have this feeling, that life is going to change yet again. soon.
yes, we know a baby is on the way and that in and of itself means TONS o' change!

we're not sure what that change will look like just yet.
but something tells me this impromptu visit to the park is just the beginning...