anyone ever get this message on their computer??
i do... 
like at MINIMUM three to four times a year!

what does that mean for me...
i have to go through the ba-zillion pictures that i have.
organize them and...
[big gulp here]
delete most of them.

im always scared of accidentally deleting the one photo...
where all three of us are actually looking at the camera,
of eden's first step. 
the magical photo...
you know, the one...
where the lighting is perfect and the joy of life is captured.
yes. im a little dramatic! ;)

let me say, its much harder with a toddler running around.

she's at that stage where she recognizes faces.
obsessed with colors. numbers. 
we look through photos together, her pointing out family.
counting the faces, telling me the colors she sees!
oh who am i kidding... i love it!!! 
even if it will take me a week to get through them all!

yes i said WEEK. 
so... for the next week,
i will be sorting, editing, deleting photos.
transferring to hard-drives... oh makes me so nervous!

i hope to get some photos up this week from...
our Ligonier Days trip, pumpkin picking, 
week long visit with my dad, and...

ahh! life is so fast paced right now!
and if you were wondering...
we are in the third trimester with baby boy!!

and a belly shot comparison from eden and baby boy!!